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BK Marian
Jul 05, 2022
In Sharing Experiences
All the examples you gave, Mohini Didi, about the service in the early days are very inspiring for the heart. I also feel this intoxication of elevated action. Today, both Didi and Sr Shireen take me into two aspects: one is carefree, and the other is emperor. I’m learning something new every day, because I’d always seen “Carefree Emperor” being just one title Baba gave. Truth operates in new logic. I enjoy this practice a lot: It is when we get trapped in the bondage of karma that problems come. So I go along with Sr Shireen: Emperor first with self-governing authority, then experience being carefree. Baba has given us the sovereignty to be carefree emperors, so that no situation pulls us. Waste thoughts stop me from drawing power. When I ask why? I become weak. When I say wah! I can draw power. Ten years back, Dadi Janki reminded us to take the opportunity to practise remaining carefree, take faith and be free from worry, while everything happens at the same time. Baba sends what we need so that we don’t need to worry. To be a complete full moon, there can be nothing else in the heart. Our faith is that God will not let us go. Even if any of us become careless and go off track, Baba puts us back on the right track. We have to do everything. Introversion keeps us close to Baba. We really can do much more than what we are doing now, when the awareness of the soul as karavanhar becomes natural. I also want to reach the stage of being 100% carefree. Wonderful homework, and it's more wonderful, still, when the whole family is doing it together. So lovely. Thanks.

BK Marian

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