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Jun 22, 2021
In Sharing Experiences
Thank you so much for everyday sustenance and love. We feel so much privileged and blessed to be in canopy of such Seniors. Didiji has been so humble and loving in giving us her time and sharing with us even if her health might not be well. Also, we get to learn from such Seniors like Brother Ken and Judy Didi. Didiji is so sweet in sharing this heart to 💖 sharings not just as a senior Teacher but also as a Mother, a sister and also a friend... ❤️. Nowadays, the main attraction is the sharings by all the Dadis and ancestor souls. We feel their presence so much. Specially in this month of June presence of Baba and Mumma is felt as we learn to become Smritiswarop. 🤗 Didiji delivers very softly what she has received from all the ancestors. It feels so good to be with Godly Family. I specially want to share my experiences from the practice of concentration on one thought as inspired by Didiji for meditation practises. It helps a lot in gaining power and self sovereignity. Collective meditations are very powerful. Thank you Didiji Thank you Avyakti Team And also Thank you for the Dance day. 🤗 Its very joyful. Om shanti. - Deepshikha Singh, India.


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