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Zeal & Enthusiasm - With the Wings of Enthusiasm Always Remain Easy #22

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_22 Mohini_Didi May 22, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is ok? Well? Very good! Enthusiasm of the flying stage! When we listen to Baba, sometimes He can become serious, and we start thinking it's a lot to do, could be very difficult, will we be able to do it or not? Baba is actually helping us to make everything easy. He gives us simple definitions, and simple explanations. Baba, because He's on this journey with us, knows that soon big obstacles are going to come. Baba prepares us for this, and we might not understand Baba’s signals, but internally we feel that something has to happen, or might be happening. If my yoga is with Baba, then in that yoga, the power comes and I am able to pass and cross that big rock. My own aim is to remember Baba, sometimes you are pulled by Baba, or you just go in deep silence. This is because of two reasons: Baba says that now is the time to have good speed and move forward. Also, Baba is preparing me for another task, or maybe there is a big karmic account to be settled, so Baba is helping me. Baba never would make anything difficult for us, and Drama is also helping. Drama is always cooperating, but it is for us to take that help. Baba is helping, but still there is so much in our own thoughts, our own ways, our own methods, that we're not able to take that help. If you have total faith that Baba is helping me, you see so many signals of that help and cooperation.

There was one person in Delhi, who prepared for a big surgery and we all were there. We said goodbye and they said that it would take a few hours, so we said, “ok.” We hadn't even gone out and there was a call that he had been brought back. So, we asked, “What’s the reason?” He didn't need surgery actually, they found some medicine that could help him. So, it didn't happen and he was very happy because he was very nervous about this surgery. I explained to him that you needed to go through this experience, you didn't need the operation but to prepare, to go in, so you could see your stage. Now you know what it is like, to be on a stretcher, how it is. Now you experienced it, so if it happens again, next time you will be ok. So, on one side there is Drama, and on the other side there is some karmic settling. His remembrance of Baba must be very good because the doctor said as soon as he was about to start, something came in his mind, to try this medicine, and he took a chance, and he's ok until now. So, how subtly things work, of course we have to be very stable, but then also have trust, have faith. Baba is helping up to whatever extent, that means if I have to settle a certain percentage of karma, but then you experience the help. I'm very stable, I'm in love with Baba, and then the help works.

Baba talked this morning about the injection that gives energy. I remember once I had to go for blood tests and the little child must be 3-4 years old and just constantly was crying. Anyway, his turn came and it just took one second. Sometimes we are also little children, a lot of thoughts, “What will happen? How will it happen? This might happen. That might happen.” So, just be stable, just be in remembrance of Baba, and let Baba work for me.

Today, it was so interesting when Baba said, “You knew that ‘I am a soul’ but you did not know yourself in a true way.” When you get the light of knowledge, in the darkness you can see objects, but not the reality of that object. When there is light of knowledge, you can really see. We knew Shiva means a point of light but we didn’t know that He’s the Ocean. I am also a point of light and I am a master Ocean also. When any situation comes, keep remembering Baba, be unshakable. Never never give up. Help is on the way, cooperation will be there. The mind should have wings of enthusiasm. The intellect has more reasoning, and the mind is very emotional, it goes up and down, a lot of thoughts come. Let your intellect be very stable, unshakeable, and that can definitely help your mind also, because it’s such a subtle energy, and so fast. Just imagine how much we’re thinking the whole day. That is why we have traffic control, silence and introversion to save energy and accumulate power.

Enthusiasm is not something external. When you are enthusiastic, you’re also determined and when you’re determined you can sustain the enthusiasm. We take points from Madhuban, very beautiful points from Murli are chosen, especially for this month to be fearless. There is so much happening here. Someone called and said that you might not be getting cooking oil anymore, so what will you do? Immediately you could panic and say, “Oh, let’s get more oil.” A time might come when you will not get gasoline, so what do you think? Every minute there is the possibility of news that could create fear and an atmosphere of hopelessness. So maintain peace, trust, and be sensible. Baba had said that everyone should have enough stock. The first thing is to make a list of basic items, not luxurious ones. Maybe you will not get pizza, but you will get chapati. Then also, how much stock can one keep? It requires space, it requires the climate, you need a cool place. Think of what we are eating today, whatever we want, but for survival, what are the important things? Like water is important, oil is important. If you don’t get that, maybe a few drops, but some of the items like grains, some beans, and there are some beans that don’t spoil. There are some that spoil very quickly. So, you look at all these lists and do it. Every day there will be some news, but don’t allow fear to come. If we get it, it’s alright, if we don’t get something, we’ll manage. Make everything easy, make everything simple and your energy, your enthusiasm, should be constant. So, you will be able to do what is right and best at that time, your intellect will guide you.

So, have the wings of enthusiasm.

Om Shanti


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