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Zeal & Enthusiasm -Where There is Zeal & Enthusiasm, There is Success #19

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_19 Mohini_Didi May 19, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar! I’m sure each one of you experience Baba’s love, Baba's lap, and Baba's blessings. You must have realized what it requires to experience God’s love. Did you all realize this? Baba says that everything is so subtle, so incognito. To have constant experience, we have to have our intellect often during the day, going beyond or maintaining the awareness of whose task is this. It's not that I have to do so much, there is work to do, there are so many things, but if there is this awareness that this Baba's task, then as a karma yogi, there will be lightness. There will be a lot of feelings of what we are receiving from Baba. So, singing with happiness, and dancing, we will do Baba's task, and that's how it should be. Sometimes it's overwhelming, it's more, many of you have lokik jobs and you want to be present in Avyakti Parivaar immediately. If there is right awareness, then we experience what we're receiving from Baba at every step. Then when there is receiving, there is lightness, there is joy, there is happiness, because the Confluence Age is really an age where we have to be with God, and constantly feel His presence. When we do that, then others around us can also have that experience. If I am enjoying my attainments, then others look at my face, my vibrations, my presence, and they start experiencing the attainments also.

So, maybe at present, this is the effort that is required to experience closeness to Baba. In the intellect we have faith, but we have to celebrate that meeting with Baba all the time, and this definitely will help us to have a lot of enthusiasm. Otherwise, naturally it's a lot to do, so the body feels tired, and the intellect could feel tired also. Sometimes it does happen that you just want to have deep silence of the intellect; you don't want to even think. So, why not give ourselves that time during traffic control, instead of three minutes you do ten minutes, but because our intellect is full in action, sometimes we don't even do three minutes. So, Baba has given us a timetable, and we practice in such a way that we can remain charged, we can remain full of power, love, and very joyful, happy. So, when there is enthusiasm, there will be success. All of you must be looking at what is ahead of us, what's coming, what program, what we need to do. Like in Peace Village, they have this regional retreat coming, and there will be so many guests after two years. So, we have been having retreats, but when you have international guests, you want to have whatever is the best. These days especially, to keep them healthy and safe, whatever hospitality we can do. When we have to go to Madhuban, Brahma Baba would get the whole of Madhuban prepared, arranged for every facility. At that time, it was very minimal, but there was that much love and enthusiasm.

So, remember that enthusiasm brings happiness and success. Little obstacles may come, and sometimes it's more work than necessary. It means that we expect it, and we are enthusiastic because of our love for Baba, love for family. Just imagine those who are coming after such a long time, almost three years. Most of them haven’t gone to Madhuban, so they are looking forward to it. So, just be happy, be light and it's Baba’s family. It's not just our family, it’s Baba’s family. Keep adding the word Baba wherever possible. Just keep adding Baba’s task, Baba's family, Brahma bhojan, Baba's bhandara. Baba keeps responding there, “Yes children, I am present.” That presence of Baba, especially when souls come for their spiritual recharging or whatever, they can experience that a lot. So, we do it, and others will also experience it. It's a spiritual family, for spiritual sharing, for spiritual progress. So, even if it's as Baba said, we need facilities, but even while using them we are not dependent. The intellect is with Baba, and there is a lot of, as Baba says, love, power, and blessings at every step in our life.

Om Shanti

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