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Zeal & Enthusiasm -To Create Enthusiasm In Others and Self #20

Zeal and Enthusiasm_20 Mohini_Didi May 20th, 2022

We have never realized before that there is so much power in a thought. It is the quality of the thought which can increase power, enthusiasm, every virtue. An ordinary thought can reduce power. We should have so much attention and value given to our thoughts. We want to go into silence and with effort we can do it, but the power or the energy is based on our thoughts. Now and forever we should just make our every thought very elevated, pure, and powerful. It should become the habit of mind. It should also become the hobby of the mind to always have elevated thoughts. I am repeating it to underline for myself and for all of us, that each quality thought is a source of power, victory, and happiness. We cannot allow it to be used under any influence.

If someone does something, says something, that is that soul’s part. I have to play my part. I have to record my part. On the drama stage, if one actor looks at other actors and starts playing a part, the whole drama will be spoiled, because I was not supposed to copy anyone's part. I had to play my part. Dadi Gulzar always used to tell us that is why Baba said in murli, Baba is companion but your stage should be of a detached observer. Play the part of being an observer, which can help others by reminding them. You play your part. It's so subtle. When we don't observe, we get involved, we forget what is my part and become confused. Enthusiasm reduces and you feel powerless, disappointed, many subtle feelings reduce our enthusiasm. Baba said, when you remember me, Baba emerges you in subtle regions. Just imagine, we remember Baba and Baba brings us in front of him. It is both ways. I keep my attention on every thought and the part I have to play. It could be something very simple. If there is a new student who starts saying something to you whether about gyan, Baba or about you, how will you respond? The way that student is talking will remind me that I am an instrument. I have to respond based on the knowledge and the teachings which I am sharing. In this knowledge, you can never argue. With love and patience you explain and then say, okay it's up to you. Baba also said it's up to you to discern what is right, what is wrong, what to believe and not believe. Sometimes because we are not detached observers and forget our own part, we start interacting on the same level, that will never help. Respond with humility, sweetness in the right way, it will comfort the soul. The souls will be touched and will say, yes, it's true, because there was power the way you responded. It's not a question of role consciousness, but I have to play my part. At that time your role is as a teacher, which is based on the thoughts.

Baba always used to tell us children, you cannot ask anyone for anything. You can inspire. We would ask Baba, how will it happen? Where resources will come from? Baba says you do what Baba is saying and Baba will fill his bandari, bhandara. It's so subtle. It's not our desire, it's Baba's task. Baba used to teach every little thing. Baba wants us to have remembrance all the time, how can you have that remembrance? I realized that you can have awareness, this is Baba’s shrimat. These are Baba's teachings, this is Baba's task. All are Baba’s children. We all are together for the establishment of the new world. Awareness in some format can be maintained 24 hours. We should keep increasing it. You can take points from Murli and create awareness based on that. Just write down five six points while doing karma yoga. If our stage is ordinary then it's just action, but elevated action increases power and makes it a charitable action. I have to have awareness, it's for Baba. I am doing it according to Baba's direction, my practical life is based on Baba's teachings.

Keeping your stage elevated definitely will increase the enthusiasm of others also. They see you flying with a lot of enthusiasm, happy, unlimited. Success is not after action, success is that you are able to do action. That means enthusiasm and power are working. Today when Baba said happiness of mind and body, that's the success. We do Baba's task and we experience happiness of both mind and body. That means it's not only inner happiness but everyone's face is very cheerful, constant, and happy. This increases your own enthusiasm and increases the enthusiasm of others. I can give an example of Avyakti Parivar. Sometimes there is a lack of enthusiasm if you are not very strong or happy. As soon as we become part of Avyakti Parivar, by the end we all are very happy. Being with the family, listening, sharing, looking at each other, brings a lot of enthusiasm. When we look at that, there are more who get enthusiastic. Someone was sharing, they haven't missed even one evening, it inspires others. One of the reasons I find Avyakti Parivar brings that enthusiasm is because it is consistent. What gives strength is being regular. Baba said it helps us to also accumulate power. Say words which inspire others. Someone said I can't make effort like you, because you have been in gyan for so many years. Baba said each one is a victorious soul. Each one has a birthright to claim. Each one has to be victorious, not only those who are in gyan for 20-30 years. When there are the wings of zeal and enthusiasm, everything is easy. When intellect gets tired and you say it's too much, use the injection. When you use it, energy will come back. Baba inspires us every day. As Baba does, we have also to do it. Baba must be emerging us so many times. He emerges us, so we are becoming very angelic. When Baba emerges me, I am in front of Baba. I must be angelic. Look at your angelic form, angelic stage and keep flying with the wings of new zeal and enthusiasm.

Om Shanti !

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