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Zeal & Enthusiasm - I have attained that which I wanted to attain #13

Zeal and Enthusiasm #13 Mohini_Didi May 13th,2022

Om shanti everyone !

The confluence age is the age to celebrate. Baba said just share congratulations with each other and live in pleasure, no confusion or doubt. Baba says to use “dot” and “not”. Dot is full stop. There are many things we don't need to think about further or to go into detail. It’s a good practice using the “dot” and also saying “not” to anything which is waste, worry, or concern. Baba said, say “not” to maya. First, we need to recognize what maya is. Using dots should be very easy, but while using “dot” if we are not attentive, it becomes like a coma which is half of a full stop. As much as you practice it becomes simple, easy and also it will become a proper “dot”. No question mark, no comma because that's where we start creating our pure feelings and pure thoughts which create such a power in the soul that is not just intellectual.

Every scene of drama is new, but nothing new. We have knowledge, it has happened before. It's happening now also, but it's new. I sometimes really feel so rejoiced, in so much pleasure when I think about Baba's knowledge and apply practically. Baba is explaining, we are understanding, but unless we do it, you don't understand the significance. When we do it then the real attainment comes and your intellect opens up. You are able to see more depth and understand deeply. That is why, even when we listen to murli every day, it makes a different sense. I understand the significance every day, but we have to implement it. Baba says Raj yoga, but he gives knowledge. There could be a lot of deeper understanding, new aspects, changing knowledge into yoga, changing knowledge into dharna. Then Baba says, it's also important for you to give knowledge. Sometimes you can find yourself in certain spots when you are not able to move forward and other times there will be natural flow. When I stop, then I have to see why there is a lack of faith and understanding, why I'm not able to continue? That is why Baba says when you teach, then you will know how much you understand. You maybe can’t read Murli every morning to a class, but at least you can call one or two souls and revise murli, then you know how much you understand. It's not the same murli every day, every minute you understand something new. Why would Baba teach the same every day? There is nothing new in that. When we start following shrimat, we see the benefits and attainments, we see the safety. Confluence age, God is sharing eternal truth and we experience newness and joy all the time. Baba says give cooperation of love, peace and power.

Tomorrow's homework is that whatever the soul wanted, I have attained. Just imagine, when we come to Baba there are so many desires and greed. I never have enough. As soon as we came to Baba, there was so much contentment as we found everything, Baba, Baba's company, knowledge, all the treasures of Baba. Instantly, there is so much contentment. Suddenly, the change happens and all the desires finish. Of course, there is a new desire of wanting to be with Baba all the time. We have to return home. We have to be free from bondages. Baba keeps saying you will go with Baba, Baba, will take you with him. Mukti, jivan mukti is your birthright. People do so much intense effort to attain mukti. They sacrifice and renounce so much. Baba said you have to experience liberation now and liberation also is your home.

We have power in the mind, capacity to serve through the body and as much as we use our resources for Baba, they keep multiplying. I have finished, “when, what”, then others say, “We want to do it.” There's been so much expansion for 80 years. Baba's yagya has been sustained and it's really amazing. Even the past two years, people were not going to centers, but I never heard from any center that they didn't have anything. Everyone was saying, we have enough. Whatever our needs are, they are very basic, simple. Definitely we could say we receive what the soul needs, but of course, we have to make effort. When we came to Baba, in your childhood as a brahmin, how much happiness did you all have? To sustain that happiness, to make it consistent, we have to make some effort. We have homework, we take one point, we pay attention and churn on that. You practice so that enthusiasm can remain consistent.

We know that Baba's treasure stores are full and we are Baba's children. In yagya, so many times it happened that they had very limited resources, but Baba saw it more as a test of their faith, to see if they get doubts or if they wonder what will happen. These situations come, that’s why Baba shares all these stories with us, so that if any situation comes we maintain our faith. Have good yoga with Baba, don’t worry and definitely Baba takes care of everything. I like the blessing, that if you are carefree, your power to discern work properly. I think no one has to worry. Why worry? Will it help? Give good wishes, share sakash, remember Baba. If something happens, it will be resolved. Worrying just makes it big and heavy. I find it so enjoyable whenever there is something that lets me be with Baba, merge in Baba's love, give responsibility to Baba. Let him do it or he will touch someone's intellect, maybe my intellect, to help. Baba has so many children all over the world. So Baba gives help in some way or other. Think about making the list of what you wanted and what you have attained. It's very nice homework to maintain our zeal and enthusiasm and to experience the flying stage.

Om shanti !

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