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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Godly Zeel and Enthusiasm #26

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_26 Mohini_Didi May 26, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone! With Baba and the Satguru’s blessings, I hope everybody is okay. I always remind myself that I belong to Baba, and I am being taught by such a Teacher and Satguru. Such fortune! Why would we not be okay? Underline for each of you that, ‘I have to be always okay.’ Baba said not to just stay in the limited. We do need concentration in what we are doing, but while fullfiling our responsibility in karma yoga, in consciousness, in awareness, you have to remember that you have to serve the whole world. There are so many types of suffering. Not only is there suffering, but people are also very afraid, because there are more and more threats. There are also a lot of natural calamities. Even within the family, the nature of the souls, if they haven’t transformed, could be hurting each other. Baba said that we have to serve the world. You have to be sweet, you have to be lovely, and most importantly, you have to be peaceful. Whatever happens, or whatever will happen, it’s all right. We always pay a lot of attention to the physical, but what about the spiritual and internal? Vibrations are more important than words these days. So, if I have spiritual and Godly awareness of my role as a world server, then what do we have to do? We have to be sweet, lovely, peaceful and full. Baba said that this is very important. We all are on a spiritual journey, and everyday we are all moving forward. We have to continue with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm on our journey to reach the destination. We are together, and we are co-travelers. One is to have friends, and the other is to be friendly to everyone. The atmosphere of friendship and friendliness is very important. So, after coming from Baba, I feel that we all have to help each other by making everyone very light, double light. Within one second, I remember that Baba said to just be a point. So, when you use a dot, in other words, you are putting a stop to Maya.

For each one of us, our efforts have to be of very good quality, not ordinary. This could be challenging when everybody is quite busy. While being busy, internally, we pay a lot of attention to our inner self. I always remind myself that I have to complete my journey, and become Baba’s companion. Baba said that we have to be world servers, so I keep a lot of attention on my thoughts, words, and actions. Every minute, every thought, and our words create some kind of energy. That is why I feel that we, Baba’s children, now have to emerge our Golden Aged sanskars. Everything that we do should not only be in awareness, but in practicality, like we are in the Golden Age. At the climax of Kaliyug, there are only vices, and vices will create so much violence, violence of lust, violence of anger, violence of greed, violence of attachment, and of course ego is the biggest one. Vices have reached the extreme, and it is exploding with such violent force. I am saying that if something is disturbing others, it is destructive. The whole world is burning in this fire of vices. So, we have to be ready. Two days ago, we were talking about not being worried, that everything is Drama. I get a little bit concerned about everyone, that we still think of things in an ordinary way, we say things in an ordinary way, and our interactions with each other are not with love and sweetness. Baba has been giving indications that, very soon, each one of us will have to be playing our part with Baba for transformation of this world.

So, take time. We have some time to emerge our Golden Aged sanskars, Golden Aged nature, and Golden Aged relationships. I am so excited and eager. Let's do it, because I don’t know how much time we will have. Here, we still have all the facilities, we have Zoom, we have electricity, we have food. However, when there are extreme situations, of course we should live on minimum, but then also we should prepare spiritually in such a way that I shouldn’t say, “I didn’t get time”. So, let us be in this beautiful awareness of the Confluence Age, entering into the Golden Age. The world is in extreme Kaliyug, but we are entering the Golden Age. Emerging that nature, emerging those sanskars, is most needed. So, we will experiment with that. I am sitting here in Peace Village, in the Avyakti room, and I am seeing a big family from all over. Hello to everyone. I am seeing brother Ken and everyone, and I’m so happy. Just imagine, you are downstairs and I’m just above, but they keep telling me I cannot meet you all. I keep saying that I want to see everyone. They have come from all over. Everyone had a good trip? Everyone is okay? Settled? Baba will take care of each one of us. I was really feeling that Baba has still given us, whether at Peace Village or any space, Baba’s space, such beautiful vibrations where we can internally rest and be peaceful. Where everything around us is beautiful. Anywhere, even if you go to a very small Baba’s center, the vibrations are always powerful. So, it’s good to be in Peace Village, it’s a big space, and Baba has given it to us so we can be together. I can see quite a large family here. So, lots of love from Baba on this day of the Satguru.

Om Shanti

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