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Zeal & Enthusiasm Flying Stage- Shiv Shakti #17

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_17 Mohini_Didi May 17, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is well, okay, flying stage? Very good. I was thinking that one of the benefits that we have of this evening session together is to have a concentrated one and a half hours where we have Yagya stories, we have revision of Murli points, and yoga. I thought it really started making a difference in life. Maybe we do not feel it after one day, two days, or three days, but if we keep doing it, there is a lot of benefit. Baba says that we have to be an embodiment of awareness, and then let me be that image, swaroop. So when I heard that, I said, “Okay, for 10 minutes, let me experience, let me be the embodiment of being Shivashakti.” Baba says to also become the image of experience. That means I know I am Shivshakti, I have to be Shivashakti, I can create that image and also power, or experience. What exactly will I feel when I am in the awareness of Shivshakti? So, some of you must have done it for 10-15 minutes, but tomorrow morning, even for 15 minutes at Amritvela, just think about being Shivashakti. Even if it is not something physical, smriti has a lot of effect, through our eyes, and it is in our physical energy also. So, we want to make it real, not only that I know about it, but have I created that image, have I experienced and experimented with it? I am sure that it is not only for serving purposes, but for one’s own self also. So, for 15 minutes, we know Shiv Baba, take either Baba Almighty, or Ocean of Love, Ocean of Peace, and then I as Shakti, connecting and charging myself with that power. How do I feel exactly in that combined form? So then I can adopt that form, whenever I need it.

There might be certain circumstances that are challenging, or maybe it is for some task. Even if we say we are fearless, we all have certain fears. Not only fear in the sense of external, but very subtly, like ego is very natural and fear also. I know that our Dadis definitely were fearless. In the beginning, they came to Mt. Abu and Karachi also, they didn’t hire security personnel, but the Dadis used to keep watch the whole night. Can you imagine the whole night you are a watch person, watching and having no fear, someone can attack? Dadi Prakashmani and most of the Dadis were very brave. They went through all different circumstances during partition, opening new centers, not knowing where they were. So, what I am trying to say is that with any awareness, Baba is talking about smriti, when you bring it into swaroop or embodiment, then you start experiencing that, and this is the time to do it. Luckily, we all are able to get a point for homework, it’s not like churning but it’s practicing and being that embodiment. That is not only an image of power, but that will be your angelic stage also.

So, to become embodiments and images of experience actually takes practice. I was thinking, when we talk about capacity, it is not like in lokik terms, the ability to do more, but if it is something I feel, like clarity of mind, being wise, then very subtle capacity has to increase. Like if there is a big situation of tolerance, but you don’t even feel it. That means your capacity to tolerate has increased. How do we test our capacity to tolerate? I remember one time we were in a small group and somebody made a very strong comment for someone in the group, but this soul kept smiling. So later on, we all were asking, “How could you do that?” She said, “I didn't feel bad, I haven’t done that, so why should I feel bad?” That honesty is in her, otherwise some people have such strong reactions and it is not easy for them to let go of those words. They keep thinking about it, and keep hurting. So, with capacity, there are some who have so much patience, like our Brahma Baba had. I think God has a lot of patience with us! He doesn’t give up on us, ever! He knows that one day we will do it, definitely. Of course, Baba says that we did it last Kalpa. He knows that we are the same ones, the victorious ones. So, He never loses patience or changes His vision. There is a saying for Dadi Janki, that she is the person who maintains good wishes all the time for everyone. Many would say, “Dadi, this one will never change, you do whatever you want.” She said, “No, those are not blessings, you cannot say this. A blessing is that this one will change one day. There will definitely be change one day.”

This morning, I was thinking about how to increase the capacity to give blessings through thoughts, through words, through drishti, through presence. Then I started thinking about the capacity to grant blessings because how much knowledge are we able to give the whole day? So, think more about Shivshakti, but that shakti is a kind of capacity. Like Baba is Benevolent. How much is my capacity to be benevolent? Bring benefit to everyone, so that everyone can feel benefit from what you say, what you do, from looking at you, and being in your company. So, it is a different type of service that one starts doing. It’s a subtle service. You might see after sometime, you won’t even be able to use the internet, but wherever we are, our subtle powers will work. We have those subtle powers, of course being the embodiment, and we experience everything ourselves first. I think it was from Sunday, when I was offering bhog in New Jersey, Baba said, “I am Remover and Giver.” Like when people come to you, they have a lot of problems, and unless they talk about it and take out everything, they won't listen. So, again and again they will say, “Oh, but I have this problem.” So, at least bring the soul to their eternal stage and say that that’s what you are, and then of course, that’s what you have to be, original. I always like this eternal and original stage a lot because then you become silent, neutral, and you have no judgement for anyone. Then we can help others to come to that eternal stage so that they can start learning to create an original stage, deity stage, divine virtues. Capacity to understand is not only about Baba’s knowledge, but also each other's feelings and thoughts. When you understand a person, it is very easy to be with that person, but if you don’t understand, then there is difficulty.

So, I like very much this topic of being fearless, creating that atmosphere. As I said, everyone can make a small list of what fears are still there. Then create the list of awareness, just few, not hundreds for now, but become embodiment, smriti Swaroop. It is very beautiful. If you only have smriti, there won’t be power, we need to be an embodiment of that awareness. Okay, so we all are Shivshaktis at the Confluence Age, fearless, accomplished, and always have good wishes and pure feelings for everyone.

Om Shanti

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