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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Faith in the Intellect and Remain Carefree #24

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_24 Mohini_Didi May 24, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Happy, carefree? Yes, very good. Baba was talking about the darkness of ignorance. When Baba comes, we get divine birth. Then there is light, and in light, each one of us recognizes one’s own self. If we think of our years in lokik life, I could never think, “Who am I? What is my part? I will become God’s instrument.” There was no idea. As soon as I got knowledge, recognition of self, and so many aspects of the self, time and Drama, everything was revealed. Baba says that then we become sparkling diamonds. So, all over the world, Baba’s holiest, highest children are diamonds. Just imagine, the time will come and people will see diamonds all over the world, and that will reveal Baba also. Baba wants us to be carefree, and one who is carefree is like a king. Some people just sleep so nicely, so we say that they are sleeping like a king or queen, carefree. It is so interesting that the mind has such deep habits, and one of the habits is to worry. That is why we change this habit to thinking that is uplifting. This keeps us happy, and gives the mind some tasks until it knows how to be in silence.

We cannot just say that I am in remembrance of Baba, but I have to emerge that remembrance and think about my relationships with Baba. Baba you are my friend, Baba now we are companions, Baba you are guiding me like the Satguru. You are my boss. So, think and emerge all different relationships with Baba. Sometimes, we think I don’t need to think, I am a child of Baba. When you think that I am the child of Baba, you will feel the intoxication. I have experimented with this and whenever I think of any relationship with Baba, I feel so high, great, and intoxicated. Baba is the One who transforms the world, and I am also a helper. If I don’t remind myself or think like this, then it is very easy for the mind to just get caught up in scenes of Drama, or actions that we are doing. All the time we have to do something. Some people do lokik jobs, some have big families, and Baba has given us this Yagya. When we are in a big family, what do we do? Take care of each other, cook a lot, and eat together, but internally, for whom I am doing this? Recently, I have been thinking that for me, whatever I am doing, I am supporting the Yagya.

We all have a different nature, different sanskars. When 300 were together with Brahma Baba, how many different sanskars must have been there? Baba’s concentration was on sustaining the Yagya. That means, not to get caught up in anyone’s nature or sanskar. I feel like just giving sakash to everyone, lots of love for everyone, whatever anyone is, it’s their part. When Baba talks about forgiveness, then it becomes like okay, don’t even think or remember if there is any scene of Drama, or even if someone says something, within one second, we should forget it. Every soul just needs love, every soul needs some sakash, help, and that’s what I have to do. Brahma Baba was like a lighthouse. Wherever he walked around, he saw everything, but didn’t notice who was doing, or what was happening, he would pass by giving light and might. Baba said that this is not the time to teach through words, but to have a very benevolent attitude, drishti, and words. It is very common to say, “God bless you.” So, it’s not a question of just saying it, but because from our heart all are our family, brothers and sisters, whatever they are. So, this very high quality soul conscious vision does a lot of service. If a soul is not able to make effort or apply knowledge or Drama, and if I keep saying, “You are not making good effort, you are not doing this.” How will it help? If that soul was able to do it, they would do it. That soul needs a lot of our love and support. You have to help the soul by giving light and might. This kind of generous and charitable heart, kindness and compassion towards the soul, will help them and it is good service.

So, keep emerging Baba’s qualities. In the morning, Baba you are the Ocean of Love, so I am also a master ocean. Baba, you are the Ocean of Knowledge, I am a master ocean. So, think like this, Baba you are Unlimited. Baba you are the Bestower, so I am also a master. Internally you will feel so much power. What is being an ocean like? What is being a bestower? So, deeply within, whether you call it reflections or whatever word we use, it’s like the mind is engaged in thinking of Baba, and that is remembrance. So, when we think like that, we will experience it. Baba will give us that power, and the blessings. I find that worry is like a big hole in the bucket. You leave the bucket for tap water and it never gets full, why? There must be a big hole. So, when you are worrying, you are leaking all the powers. Surrender, and give it to Baba. Our concerns are different than concerns of lokik people. We didn’t know as many people as we know now. Even if you have a very big family, it might be 100, 200, not thousands. How big is Baba’s family? Unlimited, and then I think of one million or over a million, Baba’s children as my brothers and sisters and of course all the souls of the world are my brothers. Dadi Gulzar’s slogan was, “My Father doesn’t worry, so why should I worry? If I have to follow the Father, let me start from there.” I can’t just say I am Baba’s child, so I am carefree. Some have more habits and some have less. That’s the only difference.

So, every child of Baba should look like a sovereign, a king, because we have taken control over everything. My organs are under control, always using each organ for some elevated task, my thoughts are either for self-progress or thinking about some service. There is nothing else. On one side I have to keep engaged, on the other side I have to be free. Before, thinking was all bondage. Whether it was bondage with others or sanskars, there was a lot of suffering and sorrow. Even if there are circumstances, you could live loveful, and peaceful. You don’t have to suffer. If one time for a particular soul, you have a lot of thoughts, it is a karmic account. Why should you waste your thoughts toward any soul? It’s like spending a lot of money for someone, and it’s not necessary. Is it settling a karmic account, or creating also? My vibrations will reach the other soul. So, some say, “I was just settling with that soul.” I say, “By settling, if there are not good thoughts, you are also creating.” So, am I really becoming free? Why do I have to think about someone or talk about someone? I am using my currency instead, so why not earn my fortune by using my thoughts and words for Baba’s seva. It’s just a kind of realization, and subtly having attention on the self keeps us moving forward to experience the flying stage.

Om Shanti

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