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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Every Moment Is Spent with Enthusiasm #30

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_30 Mohini_Didi May 30th, 2022

Baba is asking about our royal court. Do you call your court regularly or sometimes? A very common question all Baba’s children ask: how to keep my chart? Baba has said today that self-sovereignty means you have your workers under law and order. The atmosphere within your kingdom should be of “ha ji”. There are three important qualities, one is obedience. Obedience doesn’t mean that you are subservient to anyone, but it comes from respect. Whenever the Dadi’s asked us to do something, we were obedient and said, “yes Dadi.” We knew that when we said “yes”, then automatically the power was given to us. Saying “yes” brings a lot of power. In my experience, in 60 years, I found saying “yes” has brought so many gifts. Even when I didn’t not know how to do things. Dadi Janki, she would say,” you can do it”. You say “yes” and then you think. Honestly, everything I learned was by just saying “yes”. I feel that this obedience of saying “yes” is bringing a lot of blessings. The second important quality is to be faithful. When you are faithful, it’s like a long-term consistent relationship gets formed. I had been working together with many souls for years. When someone is faithful, there is trust. When there is trust, then you start getting that responsibility or honor. You are also obedient and do what is right. Even if you have to decide what to do, there will be trust because you will decide based on policy, guidelines, or maryadas. Baba talks a lot about shrimat because if the intellect doesn’t have the habit to follow shrimat, there will always be opinions. When I trust, I am faithful that I will follow Baba’s shrimat. If I keep faithful, listen to Baba, then Baba gives an amazing kind of power and blessings. The third quality is ever-ready. Everything is possible if we have willingness. All these qualities help us to maintain very beautiful energy within the self where there is a lot of enthusiasm. Every moment you have to do something, when you do it, you are creative. You have a good experience. You feel some kind of attainment, so your enthusiasm will keep increasing.

Every step we take in Brahmin life needs courage. When there is courage, Baba’s help comes. Some still complain that I needed more help, or this could have happened. What is lacking? Something in Baba’s help or something or in me? I always say that the last test will be even a little bit leakage, a little bit of less percentage in our faith in Baba. Even a little bit. That’s where subtle checking is very important. I always say that, maybe it’s the last moment that help is coming. That means I need to have 100 percent trust that it will happen. Towards the end there will be many different kinds of very subtle tests which come. Those tests will be basically about our faith in Baba, or faith in drama. Baba has been talking a lot about upheavals that could happen from nature, elements. Internally, I have created such a loving, good relationship with all the elements. That is where Baba is talking about the royal court, that means every kind of sense organ, mind, or intellect is not just following maryadas, but also serving. With hands we do karma yoga, with eyes we give very loving drishti, God’s love is shared through drishti. It’s a very common saying, I love you, but I always say God loves you. It’s because it’s God’s love, which I’m sharing through drishti will have power. Otherwise there could be attachment, that’s what happens in the lokik world. Our love is God’s love, it’s very pure, bestowing and healing, so many attainments. Whatever element I’m using, I’m using to serve. It’s never going to hurt you or harm you in any way. Look at how every moment of confluence age there is something new to do, something deeper, subtle. That creativity and new experiences create a lot of enthusiasm.

Some people get very excited, but enthusiasm is a little different. Baba says enthusiasm is the feeling of festivity. I always see the confluence age as being with Baba and the world family, how happy we should be, right? Beautiful, unlimited thoughts, come in the mind. To do something elevated, the thought comes, let’s share with the family, let’s do it with the family. At the most auspicious age, being with God and all the pure souls, there won’t be that fortune in any other age. Even in the golden age, we will all be in our palaces, we will meet in the evening like Avyakti Parivar and have something social together. When there is enthusiasm, it inspires others, it awakens their energy too. That’s why Dadi Janki, in the end, used to laugh so much. Remember the last time she was in Peace Village? Looking at her, meeting her, used to create a lot of enthusiasm. At this time, it’s most important that no one because of any reason is not content, or happy. Help everyone, their enthusiasm can also increase. I remember many times suddenly someone would come and say, “Today’s my birthday.” I say. “Oh, if you have told us before, we could have made a cake for you.” Then whatever we have, quickly we create a cake. They feel so happy. Celebrate, have festivity and love. This enthusiasm definitely sustains the family. Maintain your enthusiasm, and be very very happy.

Om Shanti !

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