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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Confluence Age is The Age of Newness #12

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_12 Mohini_Didi May 12, 2022

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar! You heard Baba's message about truth today. I think it's the time now to look at ourselves, and remove whatever we need to remove. Be truthful and honest with yourself, Baba, and also then with others. It is a very important message. Baba wants us to be real, unshakeable, and not to allow our weaknesses to continue. Just become, as Baba said, full of newness, like Baba. I like this very much, and I think we can reflect on this more, that we have to bring newness like Baba. Actually, every day, every hour, we make efforts like we kept the aim that I have to be real gold, the alloy has to be removed. So we stay in deep remembrance of Baba that is really like a furnace where I put myself, and I find that the alloy is being removed completely. There is so much lightness after that, too. Today, a few times I was in very intense remembrance of Baba and I found that there was really internal lightness. As Baba said, we have to be carefree, we have to be fearless. The present situation, wherever you sit, people only talk about how everything is expensive, “We're not getting this. What is happening? What will happen?” We always remember that we belong to Baba, we are under the canopy of Baba, we are instruments of Baba, just to serve. Even our wealth, we know, is for Baba’s task. So, we are carefree. Otherwise, if we don't have something, there is worry. If we have, then there is also worry. What will happen to it? Where to keep it? Where to invest it? A lot of people have a lot of thoughts about their health, about wealth, about their well-being, about their family. We just have to be with Baba, and become real gold. So the value keeps increasing. When the gold is real, the value is more. If there is alloy in the gold, the value is less.

We are now taking the homework for Confluence Age newness. Actually, if we look at the time, every moment is different. We compare and say that yesterday was like that, and so why not today? It cannot be. Yesterday was yesterday, today is today, and tomorrow will be tomorrow. They are all different days, different timings. Every time, every hour is different. In a way, it's new. So, what newness will we bring? I like of course when Baba said, “Newness of becoming like Me.’ So, the more we look at Baba, we think of our nature and sanskars like Baba. Baba is Ocean of knowledge, Ocean of Love, Ocean of Peace, and we all have to be masters. To be like Baba means that we are masters. It is very interesting when Baba said, “You have to remain unshakable.” A lot of things will be happening suddenly, but Baba will keep us not only safe, but we also have to be happy. Have firm faith, unshakeable faith in Baba. Whatever happens, remain unshakable. When we are unshakable, we can receive Baba’s help. I remember many stories of the Yagya in the beginning. There were so many challenges, so many threats, so many tests, but all of Baba's children, whether young, old, just remained unshakable. When you are unshakable at the time of an adverse situation, then your stage is unshakeable. Love for Baba, faith in Baba, has to be unshakeable. There will be tests when it will be necessary to know exactly how unshakable I am. So, don't be scared. Always remember you have the blessing; you will pass with honor. We say that every storm brings some gift, every situation makes us stronger, every test brings promotion, makes us move forward, and become more elevated.

All these are Baba's versions. That is why it's very important that we read Murli, then underline and revise the points, and at the right time think of them, so that that version of Baba becomes a blessing for you. The version of Baba becomes power for you. Having knowledge is not enough. Using knowledge at the right time, the right point should emerge, and that point will be like power for you, strength for you. You will feel connected with Baba, and Baba definitely helps all the children. That's why He is with us. So, we all will do the homework of newness in the Confluence Age. That is becoming like Baba. My words today when I spoke were different from yesterday. They were like Baba, as a master. It's very beautiful. I'm sure we all will have a lot of experiences in exploring that newness of the Confluence Age.

Om Shanti

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