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Zeal & Enthusiasm -Balance of Feelings filled with knowledge and yoga filled with love #27

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_27 Mohini_Didi May 27th, 2022

Om Shanti everyone.

The biggest responsibility Baba has given us is to keep ourselves okay. If self is served properly, then we are okay, we can serve others. That’s why we have to remain unshakeable. It often happens when there are big situations where we are very strong, but when there are little situations if we are less attentive, then we could get affected and mind can become disturbed which has an effect on nature. Baba said, you have served nature. It will not hurt you. It’s just coming to get more purified. Have this kind of love towards nature, because Baba said that you all have been given a long broom to clean everything. The flooding and whatever else is happening, is for cleaning. In the end there will be a lot. Always be ever-ready for everything. Don’t be scared. Baba keeps saying, accumulate all powers and just be ever-ready, whether I need the bodiless stage or I need to be in an angelic stage. Baba gives an example of the angelic stage, like a change of costume. You just say okay, now I have to wear an angelic dress. I have to be incorporeal now, or I want to be in a bodiless stage. That means you keep them so prepared. We are also at service. When we remember that, then whichever stage is required, let me wear that costume, let me be ready. Then there is no fear because we should be ready.

I am inspired and excited that today, if I have to leave my body, what sanskars I am taking? My future will be based on my sanskars. We are now practicing golden-aged sanskars. Once we start emerging golden-aged nature, manners, sanskars, it's like the last part of the confluence age, being constantly happy and light. Then share that with the world also. I don’t want to leave with warrior sanskars, vysya sanskars, but they keep emerging once in a while. Let’s emerge golden-aged sanskars, they are in us. I think we will have a beautiful experience of that.

Baba talks about the power of tolerance. We feel certain things. One time someone went to Nirmal-Shanta Dadi and complained about someone. Nirmal-Shanta Dadi said, “Now you know her nature, now it’s easy, don’t mind it.” When you don't know, you have to tolerate it. Still, sometimes a disturbance happens, then we have to be very stable.

Knowledge means knowledge of karmas, and Baba can do everything. Why do we expect Baba to do everything? I should do what I can do and what I cannot do, then Baba will help me. Someone didn’t lock his car, when he went out, his car was gone. He said I thought Baba would protect, so why should I lock the car? Baba has to watch your car, Baba has to watch your house, what kind of jobs are you giving to Baba? If it happens suddenly, then of course Baba will protect, but don’t think I can do this, Baba will take care. Sometimes in bhavna, we say and do things which then we realize were not right or some start losing faith, Baba didn’t help me at that time, where was Baba? Dadi Janki once said, when her body was not well, Baba was not there at that time. He said you have to have the power of yoga. Have yoga and then

settle your karmic accounts, I am here, but you have to do it. Bhavna is very good, there should always be bhavna, but with understanding and knowledge. Knowledge of karmas and knowledge of what Baba can do. Baba will do, we don’t need to even remind Baba. Whatever He has to do, He will do it. Where He has to be neutral, He will be standing on the side, but He will be watching you, that you do it. Every father, teacher, wants their child to be more self-sufficient. We should use our powers. We should use very sensibly whatever we have to use. If you are sensible and doing it, then wherever there is a mistake, or you need more help, Baba is there, always there. That is why sometimes zeal and enthusiasm can reduce, when you thought Baba would help. Sometimes certain things look so impossible and they become possible, who did it? Baba. At every step, you do feel the help of Baba. You have to claim a kingdom, so you have to make efforts.

When I read this homework, I liked it. Think about it, experiment, that is how your bhavnas are fulfilled. It never happens that bhavna is not fulfilled. Devotees have blind faith, but with Baba, we have light of knowledge. First thing is you don’t need to ask. My experiences with Brahma Baba, was how much at the right time, he would give directions or make arrangements. It was as though he knew . My recognition of Shiv Baba is through Brahma Baba. Brahma Baba did everything for us. That was the personality of Shiv Baba through Brahma Baba. We also have 100 percent faith that Baba does and he fulfills our bhavna. I have to check that it is based on knowledge. Love and yoga are the same. Concentration, connection, sometimes they are very heavy words. Today I couldn’t connect, but I am connected with Baba. What I have to do is become aware. Smriti, relationship is there, I don’t have to create a relationship with Baba everytime. He’s my father, I have to just remember Him. Very simply, love for Father, remember Father. Who forgets Father? This is a love-full relationship, you don’t have to put pressure on intellect. When there is love for Baba, you could sit and be merged in the love as long as you want. You will even forget your body. Sometimes you forget where we are sitting. Just have love-full remembrance, make it very natural. Anything which is easy and natural, can be consistent. Baba wants us to be in remembrance for at least 8 hours. Sometimes He says, you are not only yogi for 8 hours, but 24 hours. That is called love-full remembrance of Baba. Love in yoga. This will be our homework for tomorrow.

Om Shanti.

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