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Zeal & Enthusiasm - Always Look at the Specialties of Everyone #28

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_28 Mohini_Didi May 28, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? Yes, very good, I can see that everyone is well and very alert. One of the natural practices, or we can call it a habit, is to look at your own self. Whenever I sit with Baba, I am looking at Baba, but internally I am looking at my own self. When there is soul consciousness, first you look at yourself, then you look at Baba, and then you look at Baba, and then again at yourself. In a very subtle way, this attention on the self helps us to just keep transforming one's own self, to stay in a very loveful joyful peaceful state of mind. Once we were doing a big program at the UN and we were in a meeting with very high officials. When the meeting was about to start, I said, “Let’s have a moment of silence.” At that time, one of the four assistant’s secretaries general said, “What will one moment do, or one minute, or one second?” So, we said, “Let’s do it then we will talk about it.” So, he started observing silence internally and said, “It’s quite a lot. It really takes a lot to be in silence for a minute.” A minute has 60 seconds, how many thoughts could come in the mind when you want to observe silence for a minute? You feel it's a lot of time. So, internally as the clock is moving, every moment, there are subtly some thoughts, but also I want to observe from where these thoughts are coming. Is it my sanskars, or are the thoughts from situations or people? This observation helps the soul to see that while we are playing our part, we have to see everything, but while seeing, what am I taking? It is very interesting to see what I am taking, the emotions or the responses of others.

So, Baba wants us to be full pass, pass with honors. I have been thinking about what it means to pass with honors. Of course, first is to look at everything and say that I have to pass with honors. These days, any time, any day, any kind of situation, one had to become part of it. We have to internally remain connected with Baba and remind ourselves of some of the Baba’s versions. Baba said, “Children it will be okay. It will be better. Everything will be worth it.” You have to emerge these words, so that you can sustain your inner strength and stability. It is not only that these are the moments you need power to discern, but also you remember Baba’s teachings. Do you remember Baba’s principles? Do you remember your own values? My power to discern operates based on these things. I am in the midst of helping our family in California to decide on certain things. They have been calling every hour saying, “What should we do?” You know sister Chandramani. So, they have to decide on certain major things, on medical grounds, and of course doctors are there, but what can we as the family do? So, as much as the mind is clear with Baba, there is love, then the right things emerge, and the right thoughts come about who can help. So, I made contact with a Brahmin doctor who is also an expert in the same area. I said, “Do you think you could go?” and he immediately said, “Yes, I will go.” We want to help everyone, but also see it as a test paper. Then internally, not taking anything emotionally, but as Baba said, not only to see it as a paper, but see it’s like purely helping the soul.

So many souls are around, and when a part has to finish, the new part has to emerge. So, in what way can I cooperate through my words, through my thoughts, whatever way I can. Baba has been using the word cooperation a lot. So, if we will not pass with honors, someone else will be there. We will pass with honors, where no traces are left. Also, we were able to do it in a proper way, bringing benefit. So, our homework for tomorrow is that if you look at the specialties of everyone, your zeal and enthusiasm will increase. We all are entertained in a different way, but Baba’s children are entertained by looking at and listening to what other Baba’s children have to do and say. So, if I look, I always say that Baba has chosen this soul to play this part, or I play based on my qualities. So, every soul has a beautiful way to take care or to deal with every situation. There could be challenges or there could be favor, and we might have difficulty with sanskars, but for me, I always say that this one has been chosen by Baba. So Baba tells us to live happily and fully, even if we are very different. There are certain karmic accounts that get settled without creating more, and there is a lot of love and respect towards each other. So tomorrow, play with this and see if you can see the specialities in each other, appreciation, admiring, acknowledge, and you will really enjoy it. So, our homework is to increase our enthusiasm by looking at the specialty of everyone.

Om Shanti

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