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Zeal & Enthusiasm -All-Round Flying Bird #21

Zeal_and_Enthusiasm_21 Mohini_Didi May 21, 2022

Om Shanti!

Everyone is flying, the flying stage! That’s very good. I am seeing the heads moving, hands moving, nice. The whole Thai family is also there. The flying stage is a very light stage and when someone is light, one is ready and willing to cooperate. When there is subtle heaviness of any kind, we start to think whether I should do this or not, if I can cooperate or not. All these thoughts are coming from very subtle heaviness. Then we can not be all round, because all round means every ready, and ever ready means very light. Baba had been talking a lot about giving cooperation, cooperation within the family and cooperation to the whole world. Baba has especially been talking about the power of peace. When the atmosphere is of peacelessness and souls are disturbed or annoyed because of any reason, you have to spread the vibrations of peace and the cooperation of peace. It could also be patience or love, whatever is missing in the atmosphere, whatever is missing in the relationship, you must give that cooperation, and create that. We are creating a new world, a golden aged world, where there is love, happiness, harmony, cooperation, so we should also create that kind of world here. First, I have a world around me, then there is the whole world. So, the world around me should have harmony, love, peace. Wherever the souls don’t have that, I cooperate and spread those vibrations. This means we are not influenced by that atmosphere. If I am influenced, then my thinking becomes like that. So, do not look at what is disturbing or what is peaceless, but just create peace, use the power of peace.

So, think about this word cooperation. Baba has been using this word because even when people have any personal problems or difficulty, they call you and everyone wants to hear exactly what happened. I don’t think that is necessary, but when somebody is sharing a story of sorrow, while the soul is listening, the emotions of the person should change at the same time. That person should say, “As I was speaking, my sorrow disappeared, I am feeling very peaceful while speaking.” That is up to my stage. Am I interested in hearing the story, or interested in helping the soul? I will give good vibrations and I know I have paid attention, the soul is sharing a lot of sorrow, the heart is hurt, crying, I know it is painful. My stage and my listening, my vibration while listening should be such that there is the power of peace, power of love, faith in Drama, or it’s karmic accounts it’s settling. I don’t have to say much, but the other soul experiences. In this way you are not taking sorrow, otherwise you take a little bit of sorrow. Then later you think about that one’s pain. So, think about what Baba means to give cooperation and the power of peace. I feel that through cooperation with the souls, whether it is within the family or anyone who calls you, this increases our ability. All round also means to be able to cooperate in every task. Whether it is sustaining the Yagya, a lokik task, or unlimited service, we are always willing to cooperate through thoughts, through the body, for any need, any requirement that is there. I should be all round and should be able to fulfill that need. So, work on this tomorrow and see how you are all-rounder, and able to create peace around you.

Om Shanti

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