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You Definitely Have to Fulfill Your Promise #10

Determined_Thought_10 Mohini_Didi February 10, 2023

Om Shanti!

We are very determined to keep our promise, and it was really beautiful to also recently hear the Murli on when there is a concentration, you have determination. I was trying to connect how that is possible. So, this month with determination, and determined thought, the promise that I have to become perfect. To become perfect, you need the power of tolerance and the power to face. Not confront but face. Sometimes we confront everything, we argue, we try to prove. Brahma Baba’s story is of both qualities, both powers. Baba spoke the knowledge of the Gita and Om chanting and there was no opposition, but as soon as He mentioned purity in food, purity in relationships, total purity, there was opposition. We all have spent years, and still we find we need more tolerance and more power to face instead of proving or confronting. Baba maintained His image of perfection, that means He tolerated, He didn’t reply back. Baba taught all of us what tolerance is and what the power to face is. How to respond is not necessarily to remain quiet, but instead of confronting, there is another way.

So there are many stories. One is of Nirmal Shanta Dadi, Baba’s daughter. Baba’s business was in Calcutta, so a lot of people knew Baba there. So Nirmal Shanta Dadi was sent to be at the center. One of the newspapers published that Brahma Baba used to sell or make slippers, something very ordinary. Baba did mention that Baba used to sell roasted chickpeas, and then grains, and then finally he became a diamond merchant. The way it was written, she felt very hurt about how they could write wrong things about her lokik father. So, she wrote to Baba. In those days, we used to try to get directions from Baba, especially when major things had to be done. So she said to Baba that she wanted to reply to them, that it is not true. Baba said, “No, here two things, one is you can not reply, but you can write properly the biography of Baba, you write what is right instead of responding to them that they are wrong.” That means you don’t have to tell what you are saying is not this, but position yourself in what is right, this way you don’t hurt anyone, you don’t confront anyone. So after that, even all the white papers that we write for our organization, we are not replying to anyone, but we are positioning that this is what we are. Like we write papers about celibacy, which could be controversial but it is very important. We are not trying to convince anyone because those who are Baba’s children will like it anyway, but we write about our principals, not criticizing, not commenting, not responding, but keeping your own position. Baba taught us how to respond and tolerate, but when you have to face something, how to face it.

So, the second story is when Baba was called by the local council and there was one man who had complained and he was very criticizing, abusing. It’s not their fault because they heard that their wives and their mothers had either left or were about to leave, so there was fear, there was hurt, and you can not say anything. We knew what they were going through, sometimes we don’t take the feelings of others, we only think about what I feel. Feelings are very important, so this man kept speaking and then in the end Baba kept quiet and didn’t reply to anything. Prakashmani Dadi was there and she was getting impatient. Baba said to sit down with his hand. Baba said it’s like wait, don’t, have patience. In the end, Baba was asked to say something, and Baba very gently said how these are God’s directions and these are the powers which are needed today. Baba explained very nicely, not showing any hurt, not showing that he was affected in any way, and that is what I call the power to face, and how to respond. It’s really really quite amazing and helpful for us, because we always try to face, we want to prove that you are wrong or this one is wrong. What happens is that my perfect stage spoils, because in my perfect stage I am the image and image cannot start acting in a funny way right or in an inappropriate way. Baba never did that.

So, Baba is saying that the time has now gone for efforts, as much you have to tolerate, you have to face, but you promise that I will stay in my stage of perfection. Generally 80% we do, and then in the end we give up and we say that I can’t take it anymore. No, I promise that I will maintain my stage of perfection. Baba is saying that even whole world collectively tries to break your promise. That means there are attacks in some way, that keep growing from the world, but I promise I will face everything, I will still become perfect. Baba says that those souls who are able to keep their promise, there is a memorial of the temple of a unshakable ones “Achalgadh”. Baba says to remember your memorial, that I am unshakable, and whatever happens, I have to stay in my stage of perfection. Brahma Baba goes us an example for every little situation.

So, I also try my best to process things and then I say what should I say, in short, where things also workout and no one‘s self-esteem is reduced, and feelings remain good. Respect and good relationships continue. So, we have this practice, that I have to maintain my image of perfection by using the power of tolerance, and the power to face. It’s a very lovely practice, and I am sure we will do it and have a lot of benefits.

Om Shanti


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