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Words of Authority #29

Construct_the_New_World_29 Mohini Didi July 29, 2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone okay and well? When we listen to Baba, we get lost in thinking, churning or reflections. Baba was describing the difference between self-respect and ego. Baba says that your name and dignity is highest. Sometimes the ego gets mixed into the actions we do. I was really trying to see what is 100% self-respect for our dignity. If there is any ego, you will feel humiliated, or very quickly feel insulted or discouraged. So any time anything like this happens, it’s ego, and Baba said that self-respect is vast. You as Brahmins have self-respect, and as deities you are worshiped. If you experience a very high self-respect during this whole month, that would be very nice. To keep looking at ourselves like this, we have to be completely and totally humble. As I was saying, if you see something that you have to correct, do it with humility. The challenge is that you feel that if you have humility, and you think you are God’s instrument, you won’t be constructive. The fact is that there won’t be any conflict or clash, and anyone who is not happy or not content, you will help that soul. Whatever is in your heart, any kind of hurt, you always write to the instruments, because it is a family.

Our nature should be very constructive, but today Baba is taking another subject of words. Baba is saying that feelings of humility and mercy do not allow you to have ego. Baba is using the word mercy with humility. So how does that work, because every soul has a lot of specialties but also a lot of limits? When we look at the limits, just have feelings of mercy. I think in the bhog message, Baba said that through drishti, He keeps removing our limits, internal limits and external limits. So, Baba is giving an example in Murli, certain things about the path of bhakti, and sometimes about gurus. So many many say, “Oh, Baba is defaming them, or why is Baba saying this?” Baba says this only to guide the children, guide people. They don’t need to be stumbling in many different directions when they can have yoga of the intellect with One. So, Baba is explaining that there is mercy in that. There are words of authority, but there is no ego in that, it’s not that God out of arrogance is saying this one is like that or these are not masters, He does not have any kind of ego. So, Baba is saying that there isn't a feeling of ego in that soul, no matter how harsh the words may be, let there not be any feelings of ego. When there is humility, you have to think what could be constructive, what could build something. So, humility and mercy combined. Baba said that to the extent you have authority, you also have as much humility and feelings of mercy. We have to reflect on this thought, what Baba means by the combination of humility and mercy.

We look at every soul, and every soul is special. I feel Baba chooses every soul for his task in a different way. I remember many times with Brahma Baba, everyone was assigned with duties. Dadi Prakashmani was there if she was responsible, and we had forty departments. So, Dadi had the right or they would come to Dadi for the help they needed, but our achievement is interconnectedness. As much there is interconnectedness, that was our functioning, and it was only possible when we were all spiritually at the same level. When that is lacking spiritually, like there was a beautiful Murli I read today in Hindi, will be tomorrow, about the treasure of thoughts. It is a very long Murli, and anyone who missed that Murli, would not be aware that Baba is looking at the accounts of the best thoughts and also waste thoughts. There is a separate account of sins and a separate account of wasteful thoughts, and accordingly, He said there should not be any wasteful thoughts. Let’s say some decide not to listen for whatever reason, so that understanding, there should be a common understanding in the family, won’t be there.

So, harmonizing of tasks comes from harmonizing spiritual understanding, and that’s only possible when we listen to Murli every day. We listen to Murli, then share Murli, then churn Murli, and then keep a chart based on Murli. So doing all of that, you integrate all efforts into actions, karma yoga, doing karma and having yoga with Baba. I remember in Didi’s days, we were corrected so much, every step and every little thing, we had very good training. It’s more like self-coaching, I call it self-coaching. At every step, she would tell us that we have to bless everyone. Any words we said that were not appropriate, not in a wrong way, even to remind someone what they have been doing, she said, “No, you are goddess, you have to bless, that is to say in such a way that it inspires others.” Many times we had this question of should we correct or not, but the way Mama did it and the way Dadis did it, we all have to do it that way. That all will come through learning, teachings of Baba, from Murli. So to have a family in harmony is very important. Spiritual chit chat, spiritual study, spiritual sharing, when all that is there, then all little obstacles that come, we can be completely free on a personal level and also on a family level. So, let’s do our homework for tomorrow, to pay attention to using humility and mercy.

Om Shanti

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