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With an Innocent Heart Become Very Much Loved by the Father #14

Honest _Heart_14 Mohini_Didi. December 14, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Are we innocent or do we have to become innocent? Innocent doesn't mean ignorant or naive but innocent from worldly things. Whatever is happening in Kaliyug, in the world, but we have to remain innocent. Sometimes I wish that I didn't know anything about what's happening in the world. Brahma Baba told me to keep my intellect divine you have to remain innocent from other things of the world, because the logic and the reasoning which is based on other kinds of things in the kaliyugi society will influence your heart also. The one with an innocent heart will always say things as they are because that's the only way they know how. There is a lot of connection between truth, honesty and innocence. Speaking with truth and honesty you will say whatever is right, you cannot change it, manipulate it, intellectualize it or have different reasons and excuses. Actually, an innocent heart is very important and very necessary. Just listen to Baba whatever Baba is saying and have firm faith, Baba said to have determination and inculcate everything and do it.

I remember that Brahma Baba will give direction to Dadis. Once two Dadis had to go to Lucknow. When they came to the train station, they had money only for a third class ticket. On the train, they kept telling the checker who came to check the tickets, we want to sit in first class, but he said you don't have a ticket for first class. Anyway they were insisting so he made them sit in first class. At Lucknow train station they took a rickshaw and told him to go to the governor's house because they have some quarters there. Without knowing anyone there they were allowed to stay there, they made themselves comfortable. Similar things happen to me, when lokik relatives planned holiday trips to Kashmir, Shimla and Nainital, I would ask Baba permission to go.He said,” You have to open a center if you go.”That's how the Kashmir center was established. We had a center in Nainital, wherever we went, we found a little place for service. Then after the holidays we return to Madhuban.

When you are innocent you are very obedient, then somewhere Baba must give you his powers. One time there was a very small group of mothers who went for the first time to Madhuban from the village, they were not educated, they didn't know much. Baba gave them so much love, Baba said he must massage the feet of mothers. They took little packets of coriander powder and grinded with their own hands. The first contributions to Yagya came from mothers of the villages. Many of the main departments are being taken care of by innocent brothers who came when they were very young. It seems like God can use those who have innocent hearts, they always receive more blessing, more opportunities, they are able to do more also. Of course there are ones with education like engineer,doctor and businessmen, that's separate, but being very smart in the sense that you are able to convince at the right time that what you think is right. So somewhere if you are not innocent you shift from the truth. We can think about it that whenever you try to be clever, you shift from the truth. Subtle fears are there, how will I manage? What's my future? Will I be able to keep good health or not? You know very subtly certain fears emerge. In an honest heart because there is total faith and total surrender you won't get those thoughts of fears, of desires, or pressure of circumstances.

When you go to Baba just keep a very innocent heart, let Bolanath Baba look at you, and give you directions, signals, blessings. When you belong to Baba and understand knowledge, the kind of intellect which you develop is wisdom. The innocent are very good in what they do, very good in everything. They have good intellect, after belonging to Baba, the way the intellect develops is different from those with skills. You could have a very good skill but your faith fluctuates, your self-trust is not 100%. So what will happen? If you are innocent and have hundred percent trust, self-trust, things will work for you. This is because of the inculcation of knowledge and also many gifts from Baba, I don't know how many of you will believe but most of us sitting here are the innocent ones. So I can at least say for myself. I was innocent, sometimes naive when I came to New York. I didn't know many things but then how Baba teaches you, it's not necessary for me to learn everything, you can have people who know these things right? I didn't know banking, one thing which in India we never needed to do but you have someone who can do it, let that person do it, only you have to trust that person. So many things we don't know how to do, but you get many cooperative souls, many souls. I mean I didn't know anything medical right? So Kalaben came, there are so many if I start mentioning each of my companions.

When I was in India I saw so many sisters, very simple but when they stand and give a talk, the way they say the points as it is that Baba said we think whether people will understand or not but they just say aloud this is what God is saying and God has come to give us this and people listen. To give knowledge as it is, you need to be innocent. Some of you might think maybe I should give this way, I should modernize the knowledge and there are some who after a long time would say that I haven't even heard original knowledge. So an innocent heart will take it as it is, and give it as it is. I think we can experiment a little, there is no harm in that. I said honest doesn't mean stupid, honest doesn't mean that you don't know anything, but you don't allow that to influence your heart, just keep your honest heart even with each other just have innocent heart and love, respect everyone, don't go into anyone's sanskars. I have to be lovely, I have to be sweet, I have to be humble and receive Baba’s and everyone's blessings. So have an innocent heart and the Comforter of Heart will be pleased.

Om Shanti


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