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Win in every situation and claim number one #23

Honest_Heart_23 Mohini Didi December 23, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Baba has been reminding us that the new year will begin in a few days. How do we prepare for that? Baba says we have to say goodbye to waste. I think generally waste is so mixed, which means you think extra or excessively. When my yoga of intellect is with Baba, then every thought and second has to be used in a worthwhile way. Some of us have the habit of thinking over and over. Once I paid attention to that, why am I thinking again? Not a third, fourth or even second time if it's not necessary. There’s a lot more than we can use our thoughts for.

From this evening until tomorrow evening we will pay more attention to what is carelessness and laziness. It’s very subtle, carelessness. Whatever comes in the mind, I entertain that thought. Laziness is also when it comes to practice. The homework has to be done and I am a little bit lazy. Most of us will say because we were busy, not lazy. I think we have to do it internally, to keep awareness. Baba always gives an example that internally there is some awareness and for us, ‘I am cooking for Baba, this is Baba’s yagya, I am doing this for Baba.’ Internally I am doing for Baba or Baba’s family, it ‘s not my family but still we all meet because of Baba. We didn’t know each other and now we are so much together as a family. It’s Baba’s family, that means while doing action to create this awareness of Baba, Baba’s yagya, Baba’s family. I think that has to begin somewhere. ‘I am doing for Baba, I am doing for Baba’s instrument’. This awareness in the thoughts can help us to have more remembrance of Baba. Baba is saying that time is going very fast so you have to use your time in a worthwhile way. Using something in a worthwhile way is to become successful and beautiful. If you pay attention you will be able to do it.

Once we asked Dadi Prakashmani, how did you become number one? She said, “because I do everything number one. That means I am in class very punctually, regularly. Whatever I have to do, I do it. I don’t see if others are doing or not, I do what I have to do”. She was so accurate in whatever she did. Thursdays before getting in the car to go to Om Shanti Bhavan to read murli, she would make a round in the kitchen. There were two purposes Dadi went to the kitchen. It's always a lot of work, so they felt her presence to create that energy in them and secondly because it’s Baba’s Bhandara. As knowledge is important for the soul, food is important for the body, it’s nourishment, so she would always go and take a lot of personal interest in everything. She knew about all departments. Let’s say of five types of toli she would know the price of each piece of toli. It’s not that she didn’t do actions, but it was her love for Baba, her bhavna. Her bhavna was that the Yagya should function economically, efficiently. Care of the Yagya was there. She would walk around and go all the way to the back of Pandav Bhavan. One time she went there and smelled something. She called some brothers to see what was there. It was an oil tank which was leaking. If it would have leaked a little more there was a possibility of a big fire. She said Baba takes me in every corner. Baba doesn’t take everyone who has bhavna in Yagya. If you become an instrument, then Baba will definitely take you there and see that no loss no damage happens in Yagya. It is all bhavna and love for Baba. Number one is not only studying, doing lectures or workshops, but love for Yagya. When there is love and bhavna, as Baba said, then you are also unlimited and tireless.

I feel that my duration of hours of service of karma yoga might be over. I am not physically very active but I remember that I used to love it because life is to do and to gain experience. During construction of Om Shanti Bhavan, Dadi had a meeting with engineers. She would always call me and say, “you have to sit”. I used to wonder why me, but I realized that Dadi wanted me to have a lot of experience in many things that could be useful later. This is your commitment, because Baba used to observe who is committed. Anywhere you go there are some souls who feel very responsible for everything and some do whatever little they have to do. Then they feel they are free now and have done everything, but how will you become number one? Whether it is situations or seva of Yagya, Baba is saying you have to win. It’s only when we do that situations come. If you just sit then what will happen? Situations won’t come.

Baba is saying that to have the feeling I am the instrument, go beyond “I” and “mine”. “I” and “mine” are very subtle. There’s a joy which comes by feeling “Oh! I did it, I was able to do it”, but it’s also pure pride. It could not necessarily be body consciousness or ego. Baba wants the garland of victory on my neck, everyone’s neck. There shouldn’t be any weakness left in us that I don’t get a garland of victory, that is to win and be number one.

I think we will keep this aim. Tomorrow’s homework I have to be number one in doing, but I have to be number one by winning. Baba said I will help if you have a true heart. Not only Baba, but these days we realize ancestor souls as well. It’s like we have guardian angels. The Dadi’s are collectively sustaining all of us not only Avyakti Parivar, but all. It depends if we are taking that sustenance or we are just thinking my connection is with Baba. I think in our lives I would say that a lot of credit goes to Dadis for their teachings. Shiv Baba said Brahma Baba did, then Dadis followed and when they followed they became examples and source of inspirations for all of us. All my learnings are from Dadis and of course looking at the stage of Baba all the time. Whether he was playing, going around the kitchen, sitting in his room, whatever he was doing you could just see how he was in remembrance. He was holding the stage of light and might. I think we all have to follow. Follow Father, accumulate powers, win and become number one.

Om Shanti!


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