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Will Power #06

Liberation_in_Life_6 Mohini_Didi December 6, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is well? Okay? Very good! In Baba's Murli, Baba is saying, we have to be yogis not warriors. It's from Sunday’s Murli and we revise a little bit every day. So you are battling, becoming a conqueror, victorious over Maya, your own Maya. What does it mean when Baba says the ‘Maya of others”? We all learn with time that there are few of us, and everyone is settling in their own way. While settling, some are doing good yoga, and some are battling, but I should not be affected by anyone's battling. If I see that someone has a sanskar, trying to change that sanskar, and while changing, I am watching it, not observing, then I am affected. One time I thought that I have gone through certain stages, but the other is a few years behind, so they have to go through the same, but why should I go through that again? I have passed, I have experience, so I remain a detached observer and just give mental cooperation, good wishes, lots of love, or share from my experience. Also today Baba is saying to just remain light and cheerful. That's a sign of victory. In an exam when you pass, in the race when you win, anything you get accomplished you are happy, you are cheerful. It is the same with our inner efforts. So what Avyakti signals does is give us the methods, different ways to accomplish what we have to. So it's very beautiful that Baba is giving us the homework of looking at our willpower. Baba wants us to will everything to Baba so that He can give us willpower. That means we will have determination to accomplish. It's a long journey, physically, spiritually. Some of you have been doing this for 20-30 years. I have been doing this for 60 plus years. On a journey, we are learning all the time. If it was only a physical journey then oh, I am old now, it's a passing time.

Someone was asking me what are your plans for senior citizens? Once I remember that in Shantivan, there was a discussion on creating a home for surrendered old sisters because they say at some places they keep them nicely and serve them, but at some places they are very busy. So it's not really that care which is required at that age is given because everyone doesn't have seva-bhav. Most of the people just want it, but also to take care of seniors and have seva-bhav what they need. Like I served every Dadi, I massaged everyone's head and feet and spent nights with Dadi Janki. Jayantiben and I used to sit half night, she would sit half and I would sit half. At that time, we didn't have Hansaben and all. So Jayantiben and myself used to take care in Madhuban. There was seva-bhav. So we could spend the whole night sitting, and these days even if it's half an hour extra, our sleep or tiredness pulls us. So seva-bhav, what it was originally, is not there. So, the conclusion was that the majority of seniors are very well respected and their presence itself creates such energy. So, no one will really want them to leave their place. So we shouldn’t build it and if it's really very essential, then in Global hospital, we keep a few rooms available. Some people also could come from the center and help to serve, because they don't have enough staff to. So I'm just giving an example of how until the last day of life, I'm living with that will.

So how do I know I have willed everything? That means until the last moment, whatever I am doing is very useful, it’s for the unlimited Yagya. Ultimately I have given my life to the Yagya and want to use it for the Yagya. So when I go to Shantivan or wherever, at any Baba's home, or meeting any of Baba’s children. They meet us, so it just internally feels very worthwhile. Sometimes I try to calculate how do I know how much I have willed everything? Like myself and Jayantiben, we keep reminding ourselves that ultimately we give our life to the Yagya. Yagya means that until the end, serving where there is nothing like my centre, my students, or anything. This is my unlimited family. So this could help. By willing your every thought, every second, you will increase your willpower. You will easily become a destroyer of attachment and free from bondage whatever actions you perform, thoughts you create. Verify these against the measuring stick of Sakar Baba's activity and character as to whether it is right or wrong, whether it is wasteful or powerful. After testing against this measuring stick, whatever actions you perform will be easy and elevated. This method will enable you to attain liberation from every obstacle. I don't know how much you relate it in your life but at least I am relating a lot, especially what I am seeing that every thought has been willed. So that means you keep serving the unlimited Yagya.

They say, the moth is circling, but finally has to burn. So that willpower; we consider centres, students, but the service really is to belong to the Yagya, where the Yagya needs me, what does the Yagya want me to do? you are on the track because my life is surrender to Baba and Yagya. You know, so it's very subtle, and I think it's the time really for everyone to think that I belong to Baba, my body, everything had been will to Baba. So reflect on this point and see how you feel, but I am really moved and I'm going deeper and I'm thinking that if I could really relate to it, have I willed to Baba, to the Yagya, or does it still belong to me? Service we will always do, what else will we do, but again which direction and how? So reflect on it, churn on it, practice, and by tomorrow you might be more clear about everything.

Om Shanti

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