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Whatever You Speak, Should Be Your Practical Form #14

Determined_Thought_14 Mohini_Didi February 14, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

It's good that we are in Shantivan today. Unlimited yagya, unlimited family, unlimited tasks, unlimited cooking, everything is unlimited. We have the double foreigners, who have started coming again after a few years. They are excited, even the niwasis at all the places. In Pandav Bhavan, in Gyan Sarovar, in Shantivan, everyone is very happy to have everyone from different countries. They are happy to host. The expression in our lives comes through belonging. Belonging, or like yesterday when Baba said, ”Who am I and who do I belong to?” This has an impact on the personality, it's very visible. Those who have a good life from their parents and grandparents or in the family, it is visible because their mind is very secure, stable, they have a sense of belonging. So when we come to Baba, it's like our spiritual childhood, then we grow. So, I remember that when it came to introducing Baba. Actually, it shouldn't be any effort to introduce Baba. If your lokik father is a judge or a doctor, wherever you are, you will keep saying, “My father says this, my father is like that, this is what he teaches us.” So, it is very natural. It is the same when we belong to Baba, speaking about what we have received, and what it means to belong to Baba. Then we talk a lot about the world and world service, all the souls of the world, what is happening in the world. We are in the Confluence Age. It is very natural for us to talk about it, and one doesn’t feel like it’s giving knowledge. One feels like I am talking about my father, I am talking about the family business. It's our family business to give God’s introduction. I have to say it, but in practice, my practical lifestyle, in action, it should be visible that I do, what I speak, and what I hear from Baba.

So there are certain qualities that are required for bringing benefit to the whole world. We should always remember that whatever we say and do, there are many not only listening, but they will follow also. So, we all have to be very careful what we say and do. Whether our lifestyle or the task we do, they should say, “It must be the magic of God!” That is why we shouldn't just depend on how much I can do, or how much strength I have, but always think unlimited and take a chance. I know that in remembrance of Baba, we plan our programs. So in love for Baba and trusting Baba and Drama, Baba will make me reach wherever I have to go, Baba will definitely take care. Even if it's challenging, sometimes even risky. That is where everyone will say, “Look at their strength, look at their stability.” It’s like automatically Baba is revealed. Even they don’t know who Shiv Baba is, who is God? I remember that everywhere when service begins, it is so small, we had a very tiny apartment when we began, $240 rent. We didn’t have much more. So, we said that our joy and intoxication was what Baba wanted, and we did it. Dadi Prakashmani said, “What happened? USA is such a big country and we don’t have a center there?” So, at that time I was in Guyana, sent by Baba and Dadi Janki. Our senior brother was visiting from India and he got a little eye problem. So sister Kala knew an eye doctor not very far from Queens center. So she called him and said, “Come and I will look at him.” We wanted to give money, but he said, “No, I don’t charge those who serve the public.”. We came to know that he didn’t have a good impression about Brahma Kumaris. Then after so many things happened in his life, he suddenly appeared at the center, then we invited him to come to Peace Village. That was just the very beginning of Peace Village. When he came, he said, “It must be God.” Last night, I had a group of visitors from the USA, their families here, quite a large number of them, and they said, “How come everyone is peaceful?” They keep asking, everything, as Baba said, is visible, we are visible through our activity, through our peaceful nature. So they asked, “Who is teaching?” Then we explained that it is God through Brahma, then the Dadis, and now we have others. So revelation is, as Baba said, to look and see the light through our day to day activities.

So then I was talking about using the powers. Baba also is saying to bring benefit to the world, we need to be Master Almighty. We need to use every power according to the present scenes of Drama. Sometimes you have to use silence, sometimes you have to use tolerance, the power to merge, if there is a situation, to face it peacefully. Then Baba is also saying that what is important is to be a conqueror of Maya. It is only when together with people you are doing a task, that Maya comes in different forms, very little things, but sometimes for some it’s quite big. Maya comes not in the form of vices, but body consciousness, sometimes greed, sometimes attachment, even a little bit. So we have to be conquerors of Maya, and also, one has to be merciful. When you look at someone that they are making effort, their aim is good but they are not able to do everything as accurately as they should. So we cannot get upset with them because that’s their capacity, that’s their understanding. Even whatever you say, they will do what they think is right. So what happens, be merciful, it's important, because we all are spiritual servers. Baba is saying that there should be, it's like in their heart, everyone’s heart, create that remembrance of Baba. Baba's remembrance should be visible in practical form. How would Baba look at that soul? What would Baba say about that soul? It’s not what I think? So, very subtly, you are revealing Baba. Like Brahma Baba he revealed Shiv Baba, not only through speaking Murli, but through his life, love, care, understanding, and respect. He spoke but he was in silence most of the time, very much involved in all types of service, very interesting to see him with us doing karma yoga. When you look at him, you feel Shiv Baba. Okay so bringing benefit to the world, revealing Baba through our practical life, and practicing what Baba says. Then also speaking what Baba says will reveal Baba.

Om Shanti


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