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We Will Not Surrender Ourselves to Anyone Else #4

Determined_Thought_4 Mohini_Didi February 4, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy, blissful? Very good! The words that keep ringing in our ears are ‘number one.’ Every time we listen to Baba, we hear that you have to become number one.Then He keeps telling us secrets, and if we pay attention, we can become number one. So, I want to know that each one of you promise, you are determined to become number one. Can I see hands? Right, number one, everyone, because Baba wants it, It's not my desire. Sometimes we are very humble, but what my Father wants, He will be proud of me, He will be very happy that I kept the number one. So from today, it's not about fighting with anyone. Sometimes we fight for the seats, if we are on the second line, we want to be on the first, so we might have to argue, fight, kind of claim it, but no, it’s not like that. It’s Baba who is asking me to do, and from this Murli, I realized what He is saying. Of course you are an instrument, you have knowledge, and you have to emerge your stage of perfection without looking at anyone’s weakness. That's one thing Baba said, “Use virtues in solving problems as a good instrument”, instead of making it like this, it's like that, everyone is like that, it always happens there. These comments don't help.This will bring their spirits down and won't help them to move forward. The task of an instrument is to help souls, to improve their enthusiasm, to help them to move forward. Past is past, let's move forward. That's what an instruments duty is, not only to start giving knowledge everywhere, but finding the right method. Baba says that number one is one who uses virtues in interaction or at the time of a problem to solve the situation. So, how do I become number one? It is not because of hours of yoga, but what is the ability you gain through yoga, what change in the nature, what virtues you were able to inculcate?

Baba is saying that the promise for tomorrow is that we are surrendered to Baba. So when there is a problem, we look around for who can help. I remember especially when we were new in gyan, sometimes we felt like this is too long a routine. Then we wanted to go back home for a few days. So we came to Didi and asked, ”Can we go home? I need this and this.” She said, “Why don't you say, ‘I need a break’?” So, we would laugh, but it's true. So that's one situation, but there are certain situations where people can promise you things and then there is attraction. You could step away from the Yagya, many things can happen. Baba is saying, “Don't surrender to anyone else.” You don't know what kind of support will bring a weakness in us from taking that support, and then our yoga of intellect will also go there. Many situations I've seen, at the time of difficulty, someone comes to you and wants to help you. Oh, you are so kind, you're so compassionate, and we take that mercy and support. Instead, we should say, “Oh, Baba has sent this help.” That means you have to be a little bit strong and smart, and have the thought of one strength, one support. Baba will send the instrument to help you, whether like a right doctor at the right place. Then your yoga of intellect still remains with Baba, and you can still be thankful to Baba. One time when instrument brought some help and then we notice that she's doing so much for that person so we said, “Why are you giving so much time?” She said, “Because this one gave a lot of help and so I'm trying to return.” I said, “No, Baba will give the return.”What return will you give? You give Baba's gift, you give Baba's toli, Baba's blessing, and bring him closer to Baba, not closer to you.” That's the reward that the soul should get, but instruments sometimes forget. Like suddenly you need some money or any help and someone comes and offers it to you. No, it's Baba's money, right? It must go in Baba's box. I don't take anything directly, you get fruit, let's offer it to Baba. Otherwise, who is like pulling our intellect? So it's very subtle, but important, Baba is saying, “Don't surrender to anyone else.” We have seen this happen, so just be careful. Baba is saying that you sow a seed and you have to keep watering that seed and make sure it gets sunlight. Then the result of that is a beautiful tree loaded with fruits. This is the way you should promise that I will only surrender to One, that means you sow the seed but it requires the water of company. One of the very important things is that Brahmins need the company of Brahmins. I tell everyone to try in whatever way you can, like get the job or something near the center. Not next door, but at least you could go on a regular basis. So, Baba is saying that it requires the water of company, but also requires your own courage. I belong to Baba, no temptations, and then surrender.

Many good people will come and try to be brotherly, try to be fatherly, try to be motherly, sisterly. Then finally internally there is attraction, attachment, and then they get pulled away. Some very good ones, Maya will also be looking for them. She's so dedicated, and if I get her, she will be so dedicated to me also. Many situations emerge in the mind of such instruments who just surrender to them. Let's say somebody gives you a ride, so you thank Baba. Internally we appreciate; that is one thing, surrender is another thing. Oh this person, whenever I call I get them. The other person also thinks that she's really now depending on me. Both should consider themselves to be instruments of Baba, so I have to thank Baba, whether transport was provided, car was provided or driver or anyone for anything. We all definitely need help, but I have surrendered to One, I belong to One. I will remain in this promise to Baba. For this, a very determined thought is required, not to be pulled away with temporary support. So, little experiences in your life must be there, now I am the instrument, I have surrendered to Baba, and until the end whatever happens, I will remain surrendered to One, I will not give up or take temporary support. Maybe, at that time you needed support, but ultimately who will help you? The power, stage of perfection that is my journey and you will meet many on this journey. You have to be determined, and promise that I will remain surrendered to only One.

Om Shanti

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