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Watch the Play As A Detached Observer #23

Embodiment_of_Solutions_23 Mohini Didi September 23, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay. We have a Global Summit here. It's an annual program they do here, where they invite people who have been very helpful. There are people like administrators and journalists. They also gave an award to one of the journalists who is very truthful and born in the Muslim religion, but he loves Brahma Kumaris. Of course, people come to take knowledge or meditation, but there are some people who see how much you help the community, how much your presence is appreciated, whether during emergencies or what he loved very much, tying Rakhi. He said that as soon as rakhi approaches, the sisters start calling. Can we come to see you, or can you come to the center? So it's very interesting and there is one person who has created a village. And has all the facilities and even the United Nations people come to see that village. He feels that he was inspired by how Brahma kumaris do things. Of course, they know that we have a good heart, good feelings, and we like to serve. That is definitely common, that's what they appreciate, but the influence on people and the changes that happen in society because of the presence of Brahma Kumaris was spoken of so much. Everyone was saying that some will learn knowledge, some will learn their practices, and some will see us and feel our presence and take benefit from there.

So, our homework is to watch Drama or the play as a detached observer. When I read something I keep thinking, “Do I really see everything as Drama, scenes of Drama, acts of people, like they are only actors?” You know one is to have knowledge in the intellect, the other is to change it into our attitude. Change it into reality, “Am I looking at everyone just as an actor?” Very little percentage, right? It’s Drama. Then early in the morning when I woke up, I said, “Oh, soul consciousness means detached, detached means soul consciousness.” Sometimes we think that, of course, we have to be beyond, but that going beyond might not be long term, and might not leave a good impression on others. Soul consciousness makes you really detached. So, I was really reflecting on this whole thing of soul consciousness is detachment. So, don't keep saying that I have to be detached but let me be in soul consciousness. We are still watching Drama but as detached observers, that is, in soul consciousness. So Baba says that it is remembered that Pandavas melted on the mountains at the final moments, they went beyond the influence of body consciousness. They went beyond body consciousness and the world of sorrow. Body consciousness creates a world of sorrow and becomes stable in that stage. In the same way, the children have to remain stable in their highest stage and watch the play of those down below as detached observers. All your problems will be transformed into the embodiment of solutions. As much as you practice, you will become stable in that stage.

So, during the day, for a few moments, remember that I am a soul and everyone is a soul. Look at them as souls and see how the power of soul consciousness works. Sometimes some people think that it’s a practice for beginners. I remember how I practiced, people sometimes ask, “What effort are you making?” I say, “Soul consciousness.” They say, “Oh, you are still doing that?” That's the practice all the time you will have to do, not only beginners have to do it. It's not that we are 100% soul conscious. If we were 100% soul conscious, there wouldn't be any problem, right? Everyone knows how sensitive we all are. For any little thing, you can see on the face the reaction that comes because of body consciousness. Then, a lot of wasteful thoughts emerge in body consciousness, questions arise. What will happen is fear. Those who have faith get answers immediately, everything that will happen will be beneficial, everything good will happen, it has to be better. What will happen to me? There won’t be any type of upheaval of such questions. Those who stay in such a stage will become victorious jewels. Accepting defeat in any circumstances, immediately I find that light is fading, because internally, there is this turmoil of subtle questions. We have to be a detached observer of everyone's part. I have also to be a detached observer on my own self. Look at what's going on in your mind and intellect. So, a little bit more effort is required. That is to be in soul consciousness, and then see everything you have to see, you can't close your eyes. You can't avoid, you can’t escape. Look at that as a Drama and see how you feel. Some watch Drama and think it's real. Baba is saying that even if it's real, you have to see it as Drama. So a lot of practicing is necessary. Okay, so what we have to remember, observe, be a detached observer and see Drama, consider this world a play. Play your part nicely so that you set an example of stability in front of everyone.

Om Shanti

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