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Volcanic Remembrance of One - Light house & might house

Tapasya_17 Mohini_Didi January 17th, 2022

Om Shanti!

Baba gave such beautiful blessings. Generally they say that when we leave, our hands are empty. You know, they give the example that when King Alexander left the body, he said, “Keep my hands outside, so people can see that I couldn’t take anything.” Baba says, “With all of you, you will go with full hands.” Hands are not these physical hands, but these sanskars. We carry whatever charitable, elevated actions we have done. However we used our mind, that kind of mind, you will receive in the next birth. The body, if you use it for karmayoga, for Baba’s seva, you will carry a body that is very healthy. With the power of yoga, the elements are also becoming pure. We carry within the soul, all these resources in the form of sanskars. Even before a child is born, it’s decided where the soul will go. So, we really can see everyday how we carry our fortune is with us. That’s why we say that Baba gives us an imperishable gift. Baba says, “Okay any gift you get, how long will it last?” The gift that Baba is giving you will last not only for 21 births, but the traces of those sanskars will remain until the last birth. We are very fortunate, because even in the last birth, we are able to do two things. One, we are able to make efforts, and second is that we are able to do service in whatever way. I might not have, or many of us, may not have personal wealth, material wealth, but if we serve with love, then the bhavna emerges in many, and so they like to give.

So, it’s really a point where we need to reflect on this and accept such a gift from Baba. One of the biggest gifts is the light of knowledge. Baba gives us understanding, and it’s just like a third-eye of knowledge. So, everything becomes very clear, what we have to do, the benefits, and so deep understanding is really like light. Generally, they say that knowledge is light, knowledge is might, and knowledge is virtue. Baba gives us this third-eye of knowledge. That is our light. Then Baba gives the example of being a lighthouse. When you are seeing through the third-eye, then you are seeing like Brahma Baba. Just imagine, I met him 60+ years ago and he gave me very lovely drishti, and he said a few words. Even today, I can feel that whatever I am able to do is because of Baba’s blessings. So, to be a lighthouse, you will always look with the light, at the good qualities and specialties of that soul. Everyone, all of us, have some percentage less of certain qualities. We all have tolerance, but some might have more, some might have less. So, Brahma Baba, as an angel, as a lighthouse, looked at everyone’s specialties, because what will you see through the third-eye of knowledge? With these two eyes, yes you see the body, the color, country, nationality, so many things. With the eye of knowledge, we always look at the specialties. That is why a lighthouse means that light you have seen, keeps circling all the time. Then we give light.

It's a very beautiful practice to be a lighthouse. Look at everyone with the third-eye as a soul, and you will see the specialties, the part of that soul, but also then you stay there in the sense of always helping that soul. So, the function of a lighthouse is to give direction to the wandering ones. Any soul at any time feels a little confused like “I have lost the way,” or “This goal is very high and this journey is very long”. These thoughts could start coming in the mind, and you give the light through your mind, mansa seva, through your words, with the right kind of directions, and good examples of actions. That’s when you become a mighthouse. We always become power for other souls. Each one of us has to always think of what is good for others. So, be very stable, but through your thoughts, just keep sharing with everyone good wishes and benevolent feelings, so that other souls can also receive the right directions, and get power to accomplish whatever has to be done. Pure feelings and good wishes are very important. As much as we are moving forward, the light of purity is also increasing, and as much as the soul is pure, there is no influence of any kind. Whatever happens in the Drama, you are able to accept it.

So, this lightness of purity is very important. Baba also says that purity is power. Baba has come to awaken you children, and ask you to live a pure life, so you can give support of purity. God’s love is also a big power. God’s Love, as a Bestower, doesn’t have any expectation. Of course Baba gives us the aim. He wants us to keep improving, progressing, and become like Baba. What has helped me, is God’s love, all the ancestors souls, their love, and constantly feeling care and sustenance. Care is such a beautiful energy that it’s immediately instantly experienced. It’s coming from pure love, God’s love. One is our love for God, which all the devotees and all the souls have. The other is Baba’s love for us. That is power, but power also comes from self-awareness. There's a lot of power in just remaining aware of my part. We call it smirti. When I am in awareness, I am in smirti, I am happy, I am full, and everything is ok. However, when there is vismirti, I forget. Then one feels empty, powerless, losing hope, and losing courage.

So, we are celebrating January 18th as a day of remembrance. Baba, wants us to be like Him. It’s a very high destination, but on the other side, I am His child, so whom would I be like? He’s my parents, Mother, Father, Teacher,and Satguru. I want to be like Him. It feels very natural, as if Baba has given us the inheritance of his qualities. So, if you remember the inheritance, you will feel like you are becoming like Baba. So, it’s a very different concept, being a lighthouse and might house. This is what Baba wants from us, that through our thoughts, we keep sharing love, power, good wishes, and pure feelings. It's a very beautiful concept, and I think you all have experience with it tomorrow.

Om Shanti


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