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Volcanic Remembrance of One - Angelic Stage

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Tapasya_16 Mohini_Didi January 16, 2022

Volcanic Remembrance of One - Angelic

Om Shanti! I am sure everyone had a beautiful day and everyone’s apron must be full of so many different experiences, realisations, clarity. I think even if we are able to achieve 90% or 80%, it is a good result. We are very fortunate that we got this chance to practice bodiless stage so that we can be in volcanic remembrance, remembrance with love. We are igniting a volcanic fire in which we are able to burn many subtle traces of different sanskars. Bodiless, angelic stage is the stage of being double light. In murli this morning, we heard so many different aspects. One of the sanskars that makes the soul very heavy is when there are traces of “I and mine”. When I heard this morning’s murli, I paid attention that I have to burn these traces. It might not be in the gross way of “I and mine” but it's subtly, “I know this, I can do this, what I do is right”. That “I and my” is necessary to always remember because that little alloy has to be burned. I decided that I want to really observe when it emerges even a little bit, so I can finish it. I need to remove this alloy completely. Another thing is when the mind is thinking a lot, even about service. Baba said that when you think a lot, you're not in silence. Baba wants to help and give you power. Baba wants to give you signals, but you will not be able to receive them. I was observing whether something has happened or has to be done, but the mind keeps going on, and the intellect is very occupied. Karankaravanhar Baba wants to make me an instrument for something special. How will I catch Baba’s signals if my intellect is so busy, and my mind just keeps thinking? It's a habit that could be very normal, and it has to be burnt in a volcanic fire of remembrance. Thirdly, always remember that I'm just the instrument, Baba is the One who is Karankaravanhar.

The bodiless stage helps us, especially volcanic remembrance, but with that we now have to enter into the experience of our angelic stage. In angelic stage, I have to be double light. I have to be light, which means the sparkle of purity, because the brightest light in the soul is of purity. There are no subtle traces of body consciousness or impurity of any kind. Baba said in one of the avyakt murlis, that we are so used to taking support. I have been thinking a lot on “one support and one strength” and according to Drama, some situations do arise where I can just remind myself, “Baba you are my strength, you are my support.”

One time I was looking at Baba and seeking help. Baba started giving support to someone and I said, “Baba why do you have to give support to this one first, not to others?” Baba smilingly said, “Because the other one has so many others, when she has finished with that, then I will support. This one has only me, so I have to go first.” Baba says, “Okay, take help from everyone and if they can't help you, I'm here.” So, go to One Baba first and then definitely Baba will help through someone or other. I remember that one time, I was left alone at the airport. I remembered Baba and suddenly a very good person appeared and said, ``Do you need any help?” I didn't refuse because I felt it's Baba who sent this soul. It is definitely through someone or other, but internally my remembrance is with “One strength and One support”. There will be many moments in life when this is important to remember. The light of the soul of purity increases your remembrance of One, belonging to One, then it's not just in my intellect, but it will be in reality. Such ones are able to become support for others because when I get strength from Baba, then I'm able to give support to others. That means Baba makes me the instrument, even if He is the One who is Karankaravanhar. Also, you are double light and are very much in your flying stage, like an angel.

Today, Baba said that you always like to see happy faces, so also keep your face very cheerful, because angels need to be free and carefree. You can be called anywhere for service. It may not be physical, but everyone needs good wishes and blessings. Serve through the mind and share from the treasure store. Your thoughts can work as blessings for souls. That also depends on your purity and your connection with Baba. When you truly just belong to Baba, and you are totally mind-intellect surrendered, then your words become the words of blessings. Dadis used to say, “It will be okay, it will be okay.” Some would say, “Oh, the Dadis say this and maybe they didn't understand my situation.” My experience with the Dadis is that it gets okay from that moment. I have experienced it in my life. If we don't believe, we keep going on in our own way. First, I have to believe in a blessing and if I believe it, you can see how it is working. Angelic stage is where through your thoughts, you remove the sorrow of someone and fill that soul with lots of good wishes and blessings. Many times I ask someone, “It’s your birthday, what gift do you want from Baba?” Just good wishes, just blessings of Baba, no one needs anything, everyone has everything. A blessing is a kind of protection, a blessing is what makes something consistent and forever. So yes, I have to receive blessings, but also, I have to share those words of blessings that I have received with others.

Become double light by removing what has to be removed as a burden. Also, do what has to be done, and don't have any expectations. You don't need to get acknowledged, you did it so you are happy because Baba says there is instant reward. You feel happy, content, strong, and your trust increases instantly while you are doing something good. That's why in today’s blessing, Baba said to donate virtues, don’t look at what is not right, but think of what I am supposed to do. I have to play my part. If love, patience, and tolerance is required, I should be the example, not by telling someone, but by doing it. Angels just give and leave, give and then leave. Angels are those who accumulate charitable actions by donating virtues. We have to make things happen, it’s Baba’s task. Every moment, definitely be cooperative, get it done, make it happen through your power and through virtues.

Om Shanti


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