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Use the Gift of a Golden Chance #11

Creating_Heaven_Inside_Ourselevs_11 Mohini_Didi June 11, 2022

Om Shanti!

I can see your smile, raising hands, you are shaking your heads, very good. Om Shanti. We listen to a few words from Baba’s Murli, and this Murli is on image of contentment, jewel of contentment. Baba always uses the word Santushtmani, Jewel of contentment. Baba has also been defining, in different words, contentment with the self, and how others should be content with us. What Baba is saying today is that you just need to have a thought, and nature will have upheaval. It could be both ways, we will say, “Why upheaval? Why not that nature becomes cooperative?” In that upheaval, there is lot of cooperation, because there are so many evil powers, and nature has to revolt, nature will kind of rebel. Baba said that upheaval will happen because there is nothing that can stop the violence of the world, anger of the world, but nature can because nature has a lot of powers.

We hear so many beautiful stories about this. Recently somebody sent a very short story that there was this deer in the jungle and she suddenly saw a hunter pointing an arrow at her, so she was running and she saw behind her there was a big tiger waiting to prey on her. In front, she saw a very big lake and she couldn't go there. She was pregnant and about to give birth to a child, so she looked at God and she said, “On one side, you are giving birth to a life, and on the other side, there are so many threats to life.” When she started praying, her mind became very quiet, surrendered. She thought, “Okay God, whatever you want.” Suddenly it started thundering, and there was a lot of fire. It was like all elements started revolting. The tiger ran away, the hunter couldn’t do anything, and because of her calm and quiet mind, she was able to do whatever was needed at that time. She gave birth to a beautiful baby. There are so many stories like this, where upheaval of nature has helped those who have a pure thought. That means it is not going to affect you, but it is going to punish or question those who have negative or sinful thoughts. So, it is a very beautiful simple understanding but it needs a lot of faith. We know how nature creates upheaval, then you are given a chance or opportunity to do what you have to do. So, you are not scared, and you don’t take that responsibility but you have the pure thought, and to get that thought accomplished, all the elements will also help you.

So, this thought of a golden chance is actually this interaction with each other in a royal way. Even the mediation was beautiful, when I am about to start the food, how I look at food, and that inner joy of not only eating food, but it is the royal way of eating together with a lot of love. I am very happy that in the Golden Age, we don’t have to cook that much. We are eating fruits and a lot of beautiful things there are to eat, just plucking one beautiful fruit from the tree. I don’t know if Krishna will do that, but you will get that on the table. In Brahmin life, this is the gift from God. It’s not what I decided, this life is given by Baba. I am a mouth born progeny Brahmin, Baba’s child. Actually, coming to Baba is completely learning a new ABCD, a new language for understanding, new language for speaking, new language to interact. Understanding is different, so my speaking is different. I remember when I came to Baba, I was taught what words to use, when to use, because otherwise if your words are not accepted, inside you feel a loss of self-respect, this one did not understand, this one did not accept, this one didn’t agree. All that is coming back to the self, because of what we say and how we say it, even if it is good. So, Didi always used to say that many words are not in the Brahmin dictionary. After some time, I said that the Brahmin dictionary is too small, and the lokik dictionary is so big. They say you are mad, you are this, but we can’t say that in the Brahmin dictionary, these words are not there. Whatever Baba gave us, it is what we should think. So, Baba taught us to think, Baba gave us different reasoning than lokik reasoning, that is in the intellect. Our power to discern is based on completely different principles than in the lokik way.

So, after sometime, I belong to Baba, then I become an instrument for Baba, and I am given service to do. Someone may think, “I am very intellectual. I have such a good intellect to understand knowledge, but I am not given enough responsibility or enough chance to serve. I am not given enough opportunities for giving lectures.” Now that’s ego, ego of your own intellect. You forget that if God has given you a gift, then use it. Jagdish Bhai never thought this, he was given the gift of writing, and he could keep writing. So, just realize how every specialty, everything I have in my life, is a gift of God. I can say 100% for myself that whatever I learnt from Baba really, I couldn’t think of what I am doing now. If you don’t consider it as a gift of God, then I come in and there is ego, and there is no fulfillment of ego in Brahmin life. Someone asked a question from this morning’s Murli, that some people are very honest, some are less honest, but some who are less honest sometimes get more respect than the ones who are honest. I said, “That never bothers me if I see it. I say that’s fine, it’s human beings that are giving respect, whatever it is, but what about Baba?” He has to use me as an instrument and I always say that my record is with Baba. He keeps my accurate record of charitable actions, my nature, my mistakes, everything, my chart is with Baba, because He is the Supreme Judge. So, He looks at my chart, and whatever I am receiving in my life is because of that chart and it is coming from Baba, not human beings. Sometimes, we try to please human beings, but I always feel no, if your chart is honest, be sincere, let Baba play a major role in your life, and to give you opportunities for service. So, this is called a golden chance. Baba gives us this gift, a holy sacred gift from God, and we carry that and create our own way of interacting with each other, because we are a royal family, with Golden Aged sanskars of respecting everyone. Be very sweet, generous, gentle and divine. So, for the whole day, we pay attention and have beautiful experiences of Golden Aged sanskars emerging in us.

Om Shanti

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