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Truth is the greatness of brahmin life #22

Honest_Heart_22 Mohini Didi December 22nd, 2022

Om Shanti, all lovely Avyakti children, little ones, big ones, everyone!

It’s so simple to have bhavna, to please Baba. Baba says that Baba is truth and truth is something that always comes from the heart. The intellect can create reasoning, the intellect can create excuses, but not the heart. So, we have to keep our heart open, generous, big, and definitely very clean. A clean heart is where there is a constant flow of love. Everyone in human life, in Brahmin life, in family, likes to be loved. So, our vibrations, our words, should be of constant not only love, but also making everyone feel belonging. Baba likes everyone, and we are all Baba’s children. So, today I have been thinking that our true heart really means true love for everyone. There is, as Baba has said, nothing like, like and dislike. So, today we have many guests and a program so just remember the word bhavna and our homework for tomorrow. We will look at our honest heart, our pure bhavana, our truth.

Om Shanti

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