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Truth and Sweetness in your words #04

Sweetness_and_Love_4                   Mohini_Didi                 February 4, 2024

Om Shanti Baba’s sweet sweet children! 

Every time Baba starts speaking, the first word that comes out of His mouth is ‘sweet’. Everytime, whether it is Murli or even when He met us personally, ‘Sweet child, sweet children’. So, from our hearts, we also say how Sweet our Baba is, very sweet. That sweetness was visible through His eyes, through His words, the care that we received. Baba always looked at us as ‘sweet and fortunate children’. Baba had been also talking about our fortune, how much we are appreciative about our Father, our Teacher and our Satguru. This morning’s Murli was very lovely. Baba loves us. Always remember that God loves us. So little things shouldn’t bother us. Human being souls go through their own inner personal journey, and sometimes they try, or we also have this weakness, we are affected by what they go through in their journey. Then not only we are affected, we are influenced and then our stage goes up and down. I am on my own journey, right? I remember there was a time when in the beginning, when I came in gyan, we used to offer bhog. There were many trans-messangers at that time. It was to an extent that even when we were going with our tray of bhog, we would see many on the way, but on Thursday morning, everyone was taking bhog to Baba. Then, when we returned, everyone shared their own message. The message was from Baba, but everyone was shown something different. 

Even now, there are some who will see more scenic things, and some just get messages, just pour knowledge. So, it’s different, and it will remain different. So I shouldn’t start either doubting myself, and trusting others. It is very interesting that many souls lose their own self respect. I cannot depend on how much respect I get. Yesterday, Baba said that God gave us self- respect and we all are different actors. We have different roles to play, recognize your own self, your self-respect, and also the part you have to play. It’s not that I have to be role conscious, but also the expectations of others from me are different. We don’t necessarily live on titles, but also we have to act based on the title. We call Brahma Baba the founding father of the organization. So founding father means all the foundation of brahmin life, all the principles are being followed by Brahma Baba. He never forgot that ‘I am the father’ or ‘I am the one who everyone will look at.’ For years, we will just give reference to what Brahma Baba did, how he did, what he said. So, someone in the family, one person, everyone will say, “This one goes to BK, Brahma Kumaris.” So what do you do, don’t do, you will definitely refer, right? So, our reference should come in a way that helps others, inspires others. For that, one of the important qualities or tools, as Baba says, is truth and sweetness. So, underline this, and this is our homework for tomorrow, “Truth and sweetness in your words”. Mostly, the complaint is about forceful words. So, how to be a good leader, good coordinator, is when there is politeness, sweetness. You children must definitely have inculcation of two virtues in your life, ‘sweetness and humility.’ With the inculcation of these two virtues, you will constantly be a world benefactor, a great donor, a blessed image who grants blessings, and you will be able to give the proof of love. If you have truth and sweetness in your words, you will accumulate marks in the subject of serving with your words. So impact longer, intensive impact is when your words are sweet and truthful, like it will keep ringing in people's hearts the way you speak. Words have a big impact. So, truth and sweetness in our words is our homework for tomorrow.

Om Shanti

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