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True Belonging is the Path to Libration in Life #13

Creating _Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_13 Mohini_Dodi June 13, 2022

Om shanti everyone!

I think most of us when we came to Baba, some of us met Dadis or sisters and there was an instant feeling of belonging. Even when I saw Mama and Baba, the feeling was I just belonged to them. Belonging is also to follow Father. There was an understanding that, Baba gives us liberation in life: liberation is going home and from home then we come into the golden age, life of liberation. It was such a beautiful feeling that it was not as if we were surrendering but it was more belonging. When you know that you belong then, in a way you are surrendered. Now we use word surrender. I remember that belonging was such a constant feeling of what can I do for Baba, for Yagya, for the spiritual unlimited family, all the time. It's not that anyone would ask for anything, but internally there was a feeling to serve, because of the feeling of belonging. Brahma Baba always shared that when he had the introduction to Shiv Baba, he just renounced and he surrendered. Of course he took many big steps. It’s the same for us. Baba said when anyone comes to take gyan, those who belong to the deity religion will just accept everything. Whatever you tell them about knowledge, cycle, it will appeal to them.

Many people ask us to explain certain things, but when we came to Baba we didn't ask anything. It was so natural to understand, accept and belong. It's such a beautiful belonging that there is no bondage. The inheritance of jeevan mukti, life of liberation, begins as soon as we belong to Baba. Even externally sometimes there were bondages, but from the heart it was just, I am for Baba, my life is for Baba. Externally, there was family, society, and always social norms, especially for girls. There were so many restrictions, but I respected whatever society expected from us. I always used to feel two things: one, this life belongs to God and second, yes, I have free will, now I have to decide for my life what will keep me happy. I have to live my life. Belonging to Baba gave us not only knowledge, but a lot of power too. With that power it became very easy to be free from all the bondages. When I started in 1958, morning class used to be at five in the morning. That means if you live about half an hour away you have to leave home at 4:30 and 4:30 in winter is like midnight. I had a friend and the two of us would run from home to the center, run in the sense of walking very fast. Don't look here or there just you have to make it, no fear. Everyone else was at home scared, but for us no there was so much pull to be there, to be at Baba’s home and listen to Murli, because at that time morning class was most important.

Belonging is the path to liberation in life, but internally there are so many habits; mental habits, habits of speaking, eating …so many habits. Transformations start happening, the way we think changes completely, the way we speak, many habits. This liberation was not only from habits, but there were so many strong sanskars, anger, and ego, which are very common. Anger was like a friend. Ego was so much with the soul. When I belonged to Baba there was no desire, no lust, greed, anger, or body consciousness and that is liberation in life, freedom from the vices. Others say it's so difficult to leave these habits and change, and you're all doing it so naturally. That's why those days they used to call it the magic of Brahma Kumaris, because it was magic. They didn't know what kind of magic, they thought something had been done forcefully. There was also no more worry or fear, and always ready for service. I'm sure that this must be your experience also.

What we will do now is to keep that vision of the golden age and think about sweet fragrance and sweetness in our nature. Everything is so beautiful and sweet. I know when I was practicing today to maintain a peaceful mind, it really helped me. Many times I reminded myself. Whenever energy was very different, I would just say, peaceful mind, keep your mind peaceful. As soon as I remembered there was a complete change within the self. This practice which we are taking every day, reminds us that we have to create the sweetness of the golden age with nature, animals, birds, anything. That sweetness of nature is very important. Keep this thought as a practice. It's simple, but it really does help both ways; one is you are not affected by what is happening and second you are able to create that sweetness.. sweetness of heaven. That's what we have to do.

Om Shanti.


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