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Transform Waste Thoughts Into Powerful Thoughts #23

Increase Your Account of Accumulation_23 Mohini Didi March 23, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is well? Okay? It’s really amazing how Baba is keeping each one of you very well. We all are also very happy and busy in Shantivan. Some like to get directions in their life to understand what my part is, what I have to do. I noticed that Amritvela is the best time to go beyond the part of others, because everyone has different parts to play. The more you are clear about your part, then you get very focused, and you are able to direct your energy of the mind, intellect, time, everything in the right direction. Generally, I wake up at three o'clock and then I sit with Baba, the intellect is clear at that time. Baba says, “Yes, it's an unlimited Yagya, there is unlimited service, so focus on that.” Baba gives very clear directions. I'm saying this because from time to time many souls ask me what I have to do, what Baba wants me to do. I say, “Well, you will have to find out from Baba, and then you play your part.” Baba had been talking a lot about saving so, it's not just a question of wealth. Our real wealth is our own thoughts. We realize that all the treasures and all the powers and fortune is in our thoughts. Every hour, there is traffic control and that's what Baba is mentioning about five minutes per hour, that you can even change or accumulate those five minutes, change it from waste to best. We have to deal with situations, we have to take care of them, but not allow intellect to be deeply involved in them. You get a lot of why, what, and how questions. We don't have to go into why what and how, but our attention should be on what are the best thoughts at this time. Those best thoughts definitely become powerful thoughts. Maya is in the waste thoughts. That's what Maya does, waste our time, waste our energy, waste our thoughts. So, again check and change. If you are not able to control, then you can actually change the speed. Like on the road, if you are lost or if it is taking a long time, you can stop there then take direction, look at direction, possibly fill your tank also so that you don't run out of gas. So, it is the same as charging ourselves in Baba's remembrance, calm down, don't get nervous, don't be scared. Waste thoughts can be of any kind, whether it's worry, fear, or uncertainty. So, what we have to remember is that whatever happens will be for the best. If you remember that, then at least your thoughts are in control and then you can change the direction.

The way you think is important. I remember one time we were having a meeting at the UN, and we were doing a project at that time, I think it was the 80s. When we started the meeting, we said, “Let's have a moment of silence.” So one very high official said, “What about a moment, what will happen in a moment?” We said, “Let's have it, then we will talk about it.” He really sat for a minute and he said that it was quite long. I was not seeing that so many thoughts can come in one minute, and I can stop it, have silence for five minutes. I realized that one minute is quite a lot. So, Baba keeps saying that even if it's five minutes and you create elevated thoughts, build silence, or create any stage for five minutes, that will get accumulated. Baba is not saying 55 minutes because you might be busy, everyone has some tasks to do, but five minutes in one hour. Baba says that even if you make the best of five minutes, then it becomes gradual when you accumulate five minutes here and there, by the nighttime how much it will be? So, Baba is saying that actually five minutes of saving or accumulation, and also will bring a lot of joy and happiness. So how do you know that something got accumulated? It's the happiness, the joy. Baba says that when you have savings then that accumulation will be useful. We should experiment with that.

Let's say you were able to do today or whenever 10 times 5 minutes or a little more, than you have one hour. That is the power of accumulation in your thoughts, and that's what Baba can use for His task. Since, I heard that when Shiv Baba, Avyakt Bapdada started coming in Dadi Gulzar, for many hours and the words she would speak, the power she would have. Baba said, “I am able to use her because she has accumulated a lot of power of thought.” Dadi Gulzar only thought what was necessary. Many times, she would say, “I don't think, why should I think, it is not necessary for me to think.” So, where to think, how much to think? With me, I spent five minutes, 10 minutes, or even more if needed at that time. Just allow your mind to be quiet, don't keep thinking. It's like when you have to give a talk, you start writing points and then suddenly more points come, then more come, but at one point you say that that's enough. Now, I can give a talk for 45 minutes, for an hour. So, it is the same as thinking, “Why did it happen?” It’s Drama, what can you do? You watch Drama, you observe, and be ready for your part. If you are so involved, you start thinking about what others should have done. Like why she is playing this part, why is she not like that? What can you do, that's her part? So, you have to see where unnecessarily you are putting your intellect in what you shouldn't, involvement. Helping is one thing, but you get very involved. You think the problem of others is my problem. Everyone has their own situation. We can help, we can advise, and connect them with Baba.

So, we accumulate and then let Baba use those powers of thoughts, power of mind, making us an instrument, something special. That's the aim. I accumulate. The more Baba uses it, the more it will accumulate. It's not just me. It's like Baba is preparing you to be ready for something. Then what Baba uses, you could get 10 times. You can get one hundred times, Baba says. Every step you take, you'll find there is multi-million times fortune. So, all this needs to be thought about, that is reflection, and then put it in practice. Maybe not the whole day, half day, as many times as you can. Don't think, “Oh no, I already missed one five minutes so forget about it.” No, you do it. Even if you waste one, you still have more. I always say, “Don't waste time in regrets.” You have another chance and until we reach a point where there's no chance. So, change waste into best, accumulate the power of thoughts and let Baba use that savings. We offer it to Baba then. Baba, I have this savings You can use. Like we do for time, sometimes for money, we bring to Baba, it’s for use, but now is for thoughts. Ready for that homework? Ok, very good.

Om Shanti

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