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Tolerate in happiness #20

Give_Blessings_Receive_Blessings_20 Mohini_Didi Nov 20th,2023

Om Shanti.

This morning we are leaving Shantivan to return to New York, so we will see you from New York in the evening. It’s early morning here, and it’s evening there.

Today Baba is talking about happiness, unlimited and forever. It’s not that it keeps fluctuating. So how can we have eternal happiness? Eternal, but forever also, imperishable. Baba is saying, whatever happens, even if you have to leave the body, leave it in happiness. Happiness is really, in our tradition they say it’s like a diet. It’s nurturing. Baba is calling it “breath of Brahmin life.” So many important titles, right?

Baba is saying, tolerance also is important. Baba keeps connecting happiness and tolerance. Baba says even if there are adverse situations, you must tolerate them with happiness. Actually, I see benefit in every scene of the drama and that I have to pass that to be a victorious soul. I have to pass situations to pass. When you pass an exam, you get a promotion. Also, tolerance will help you remain close to Baba. When there is anything adverse and we want that situation to be okay, I will be in Baba’s remembrance. When I am in Baba’s remembrance, I am close to Baba. There are three meanings of pass. Because of that, Baba is saying, “When you children see adverse situations in front of you, many of you think that you have had to tolerate a great deal. You ask, how much longer are you going to have to tolerate these things? You think there should be a limit to how much you have to tolerate. However, when your tolerance is unlimited, then because you are being obedient to the Father, you receive unlimited blessings. Happiness, tolerance, and receiving blessings. Baba has told you to tolerate everything. Therefore, don’t tolerate something by feeling compelled to do so, but in happiness. You will be benefited by this. Sometimes we want to see what we gain, what’s benefit is. Blessings are one and some incognito benefits could increase your power. For example, people have pain and when they tolerate it, their tolerance for pain keeps increasing. They feel less and less. In this way, happiness, the power of happiness, will help us to tolerate. If we tolerate in happiness, because we are obedient, in that obedience we receive more blessings. Four things are connected. I like this point of maintaining constant happiness, eternal tolerating, thinking that’s Baba’s direction, and then after tolerating, feel happy and receive more blessings.

Om Shanti.

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