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To Finish, To Merge and to Keep Checking #5

Determined_Thought_5 Mohini_Didi February 5, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Is everyone okay? Very good. Baba gives us an Avyakt signal that you must do homework. Baba always says that when you are busy in service Maya also takes a chance, sometimes we will find that yes, we’re flying, and sometimes we find our wings are not working, I'm not able to fly. So, practicing the homework will immediately help us. Today, like yesterday, there was tolerance. The whole day we had to think there would be some situations or vibrations, but I have to tolerate. Baba had been saying that we need power, we need all the powers actually. So, today’s power is ‘wind up and merge it’. We never used to have service meetings, before it was only family and Yagya. From where service began to where we are today, that is why we have so much respect for the Dadis, because if they wouldn't have done that sacrifice, we wouldn’t be what we are today. Baba said you have to give the message to everyone. So service gradually grew and then of course in Madhuban Baba was there. Some of us were new, we would say there should be a service meeting. Baba said, “What will you do in a service meeting?” We said “Baba we will do planning”. “What planning? There is always service, you keep doing it.” In the beginning there were 12 of us, then one time the meeting was 50 of us. Everyone had different ideas, but what should be the final, what has to be done? So at the end, of the meeting Baba will come and listen to all the plans and of course everyone shares their plans. After that Baba likes this idea. That is from where the point came about giving ideas as a child and then acting as a master.

Baba is now saying past is past, pack up, it happened, it had to happen and it will happen again next kalpa. We cannot erase it, but how deeply the past stays with us. Okay, some things people started holding, but then in service we need a very clean atmosphere which is the success. Baba is saying that first we plan, then we do it in practical, and then we check what happened, but after checking, make it past as past. During Brahma Baba’s time, Didi Manmohini was kind of the main person. In those days we used to have wood-fire, bring wood from the jungle and use it. So one time but some of the things we had to cook in small quantities only one gasoline store was there, only one. Just imagine now we have gas running and our cooking style but that something happened and was not working. The groups used to come and go, so they were supposed to give that stone to get fixed. So then when the group left, Baba or somebody asked the one who had to give. “Oh, I forgot.” So then Baba said, “Do you realize how many people are affected? So it's a lot of thoughts there and it's wasted, wasting the thoughts of others. So that's what Baba means, okay it happened, the realization should be there but not guilt. Baba never wants anyone to have bad feelings or feel guilty.

So we all have this homework for revealing Baba. How do I reveal Baba? Past is past, and unless you do that, you cannot move forward. That means it will keep coming back in your mind. So Baba is saying that if we keep thinking about that it could be harmful. So have the power to pack up, whatever happened happened. Baba is saying that you merge it and still check, “Did I merge completely?” Pack and then merge it. You know very recently Baba talked about burning the sanskars and when there are ashes, they immerse the ashes in the water, sometimes river, ocean. So this was a very subtle effort actually. We subtly carry things about situations, about people, even our own feelings. So it's a very important lesson for all of us to learn. So tomorrow we will keep that practice, we will think about a plan, act, then discuss if necessary. In future we will pay attention to this but not holding nor caring because we have to be double light and be an angel. I have to be a good Brahmin and a good angel. So this is the importance of the homework even if you remember a few times during the day, even if you are busy, that I have to pack up and merge. Someone asked Mama, “How do I merge?” Mama always used to say, “Drama, it happened, but sometimes I want to remember so that I am sure I don't make that mistake again. So homework is really to have determined thoughts and I like very much the Murli on concentration this morning that we are revising every evening. If you want to be free from obstacles you need ‘Ekagrata’, ‘Eknamy and Economy’. Baba is very pleased with that. So first we have to do it with our thoughts. Some of the things definitely we need to think, be in details, but as Baba said “every Baba's child should remember that your attitude will change the attitude of the world. As a Brahmin your responsibility is that my attitude of brotherhood, drishti, and actions are a good example that is easy for others to follow”. People know, especially if you have certain principles and you always think based on those principles, your power to discern based on those principles. I know some countries, sometimes by the time they ask me something they will say, “You will see sister Mohini, this is what she's going to say.” Yes there is Shrimat, there are laws of the government, everything we have to do in such a way, we don't break any rules or regulations so that we follow Shrimat accurately and even sometimes if you couldn't follow at least whatever advice you give is based on Shrimat not what your opinion is. This is what I think no, this is what Baba tells us, this is Baba's advice. So tomorrow's practice, planning, practical, check and then past is past, and the powers to pack up and to merge.

Om Shanti


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