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Tapasya #1

Tapasya _1 Mohini_Didi January 1, 2022

Om Shanti everyone! Happy new year!

Baba's message is that we have to think a little bit more and I'm sure that's what we are doing, it's just that Baba is reminding us that you have to follow Brahma Baba but you have to remember Shiv Baba. That means at every step I think of Shiv Baba, Brahma Baba also but combined as Avyakt BapDada. It is very interesting this journey that we have begun for this year, especially for this month, the month of remembrance and following Brahma Baba. I think all of us have to pay a little bit of attention, as Baba said, we have to be double light. There shouldn't be any heaviness. Of course, Baba said that heaviness is some kind of disobedience. Disobedience could also be that whatever stage I should have, I am not able to create that. At this time, what should our stage be? That's what tapasya is reminding us of at this time, our stage should be soul conscious, bodiless, angelic. For that, we are practicing, paying attention, and I think all of us have a certain percentage of that stage. Baba said that the soul conscious stage has power and that power changes the atmosphere.

I remember when, as Baba’s young brahmin child, I or any one of us had to give the course, we went in Baba's room and said, “Baba your child is coming, a soul is coming.” So, we would create that stage. I think I have shared before that with Brahma Baba, some lokik officers and some people used to come and they really wanted to meet Brahma Baba. He generally never met anyone who was not brahmin but some came and they insisted. Baba said, “Okay make them sit properly and create a very loving, peaceful atmosphere.” Of course all BK’s are peaceful and Baba would be in the room and Baba said, “Baba is coming in five minutes.” He was creating that stage, remembrance of Baba, soul consciousness. When he created that stage, he would come outside and he would sit and his vibrations were so spiritual that those officers would be just watching, wondering what Baba is going to say. Baba always would speak and start answering their few questions, but some just couldn't ask questions. They came to know how your expenses are and who takes care of certain things. Baba said that it's Baba’s children, it's Baba's family, and it's all the children who are taking care. At that time, they never accepted any donation from anywhere. They just spent time and they went with such a deep experience of spirituality.

Tapasya is that every time we have to meet someone, talk to someone, even answer phones, take a moment and be in soul consciousness. Think of Baba, think that a soul is going to talk to me, even within a moment. Create that atmosphere with another person, then the other soul is not only experiencing spirituality, but also somewhere a deep experience or awakening happens. Our way of serving also has to change, now that I create a stage. Even before, as I said, even before taking a phone call, I just take a moment, I will be talking to a soul. Avyakt really means you are going beyond a gross way to do things right, action is action, I take the phone and answer, but there could be service in that also. Tapasya is to create that atmosphere, change the vibrations, actually a lot of work is done in that. Not only that, but serving is not actions or only speaking. Baba had been saying you have done enough of that, but serve from that stage, that is called following Brahma Baba. Baba’s drishti, Baba’s words, everything came from that angelic, bodiless stage. Bodiless is not just sitting, but becoming more deeply aware of soul consciousness while making eye contact, speaking a few words, answering phones, anything. I think that's what we will experiment for this month every day.

Tomorrow we will have in our intellect that our stage has to be bodiless, angelic. We go in the room sometimes to prepare it, we want some fragrance. In India they light essence sticks but here we spray some rose perfume, mist or something and it does help. It is the same with our vibrations, our stage will immediately be kind of spraying spirituality, love, peace whatever souls need. As Baba had been saying, you will hear Murli tomorrow, you will need to speak very little and they will understand. It will touch their heart because instantly it's giving them something and Baba says that magic could happen, if our stage is like that.

I really would recommend each one of us to do it to whatever extent you can, practice, not only while sitting, but while doing actions. It could be a very elevated experience, and also elevated attainment. Baba said that attainment is like getting fruit. When you are instantly feeling fruit what will others feel from you? Blessings! If we have to give blessings, it's not just through thoughts, but from our stage and that's following Brahma Baba practically. I'm sure you all will have many beautiful experiences and have deep transformation within your own self.

Om Shanti

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