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Thoughts Of Good Wishes Zeal and Enthusiasm #11

Embodiment_of_Success_11 Mohini_Didi October 11, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? I'm finding more and more members of Avyakti Parivar here. Now as Baba will be coming on October 15th, there are already 500 double foreigners here in Gyan Sarovar, Pandav Bhavan, and some are in Shantivan. Mostly they stay for two weeks. Some stay longer, some don't stay that long. Yesterday, I saw they were cooking dinner for 10,000 because the sevadharis from Bharat also come to help in the season. This time it's Indore zone and the sevadharis are from Bangalore.

Thoughts have vibrations and vibrations are very subtle, but very powerful. So how do we keep elevated thoughts all the time in this unlimited family, so no one gets disheartened, no one feels weak, no one feels isolated? The energy, the power, has to spread and reach every Baba’s child. So, we have to increase intensity. Let's say intensity is not only enthusiastic but very enthusiastic, not only happy but very happy. So for every quality that we want to experience in our unlimited family, we have to increase the intensity in our thoughts, while speaking I’m thinking, “How are we able to do it? How successful are we? Baba is speaking about thoughts of good wishes and thoughts of zeal and enthusiasm. So everyone says, “My stage is very good”, until any situation arises, but our stage has to be kept good when the situation is there. When the situation is good, the stage is good, that should be there definitely.

So, Baba is saying that the means to achieve success in any task are the thoughts of good wishes and zeal and enthusiasm of everyone collectively. The fortress becomes weak even if one stick or one brick is shrinking or shaking. If all the bricks are strong, the fortress can never shake. So, in the gathering, let there be everyone's zeal and enthusiasm and cooperation, then success is guaranteed. If there isn't zeal and enthusiasm in any task, there will be tiredness, and those who are tired can never be successful. If they have done a few hours of seva, they feel very tired, and if they have zeal-enthusiasm they continue until late and say, “No, we have to finish, we have to be together, we will do it.” So, it's very much connected; the lack of enthusiasm will lead to tiredness. I think we notice this every day. Baba is saying not even one brick in the whole fort should be shaken. That means that everyone, every brick, has to be very strong, very firm. So make the effort that your enthusiasm should be so overwhelming that others can also experience that.

Om Shanti


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