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The World Of Angels #25

Become_Avyakt_Angel_25 Mohini_Didi April 25,2023

Om Shanti everyone!

Okay! Avyakti Parivar actually means family of angels. So, how do we experience being the world of angels, family of angels? One of the special qualities we love is purity. Baba says that it is not only about the fasting of food, but it is purity in attitude, and has to be completely pure, purity in our attitude and our drishti. To become complete and perfect, nothing negative should remain in our attitude. We see what is going on, we come to know, but it does not stay in our attitude. Baba wants to look at our level of purity, especially in the purity of attitude. It's very subtle, but it has a big impact on the person, whether it is in a positive way or in a negative way. Our soul to soul relationship is where we look at each other’s not only eternal, original qualities but also specialities of the Confluence Age. When you come to know Baba’s children, who are doing Baba’s service, you will be surprised by how many specialities each one has. They might look simple and ordinary, but they have vast experience. Our Yagya is unlimited. Our task is unlimited. So, the experience is also unlimited. Baba’s children have to be simple and not waste anything. That speciality is only in Baba’s children. Our drishti is pure and loving, it uplifts the soul. Every soul feels very enlightened in their presence, and that’s a big service. Souls should not feel that they can never be perfect. We have so many weaknesses and especially if you point out any weakness, then mentally the soul loses self respect. So, when Baba says to serve as angels, it means what angels do: enlighten and uplift the spirit of everyone. Our love, our drishti, our belonging should make the soul feel very worthy. Then that soul will perform Baba’s task or duty in a stage of perfection.

You can serve a lot through drishti and attitude, where everyone feels happy, very light, and very powerful. This will help Baba’s task also get accomplished. This is what Brahma Baba did with all of us. This is what BapDada does when He comes. He gives drishti to everyone. He makes everyone feel very special. For Baba, all are special. That is why you have been chosen. So, never think that you don’t have speciality. You have a lot of specialities, each one of you. Do not sit back with that speciality, use it. There is purity in us and purity has power. It's the purity that helps others also to feel very powerful. Through our attitude, we uplift others, through our drishti we empower others, and that is the special service we do. Baba’s Avyakti signal for today as our homework was that if you have any burden of any responsibility, give the responsibility to Baba and then you do the task. Then Baba will be responsible, and you do the task. You will then be double light. So experiment, Baba this is the task and it is your responsibility. Be double light by giving the burden of all the responsibilities to Baba, and as much you experiment, relate to that, create that stage, you definitely will feel your stage as an angel. Baba is asking us to take a stroll in the world of angels.When you think that you are in the world of angels,you will always feel very light. Baba is responsible, so you will do it so nicely and fast. So many say, “Oh, it must be Baba who got it done.” Baba can get it done if you are light as an angel. If you are mentally heavy or you are sad, you are not happy, you don’t have good feelings, Baba can’t make it happen. So, let Baba perform, I am not responsible. That freedom from burden is very important, and then what will be your experience? Baba is getting it done through us as angels.You are becoming both angels and also instruments for God’s task.

What is the Subtle Region? What happens there? What is Baba doing there? With your double light stage, you will feel as if this world has become the subtle region for you. One is, I go to the Subtle Region, the other is, I create the Subtle Region right here. I think it’s worth experimenting, that is how you should feel. I find it especially early morning or late afternoon when we sit with Baba, you feel you are in the Subtle Region. A time will come when you will not see any difference between the physical world and the subtle world. Sometimes we do feel, ‘where am I?’ I am with Baba, where, in this world with Baba, or in the Subtle World? I think that taking this homework will help you because you will be able to feel, experience, and create it. For that, while doing actions, we have to pay attention. While doing actions, do not feel the burden of responsibility.

Every practice Baba is giving these days is to become perfect. Otherwise our day passes, we have to do this, do this, finish this, the day is gone as a karmayogi. We need to be karma yogi. I am not doing it for myself, it is Baba’s task so I need to do it, I must do it. While doing it, creating our world of angels. That is only possible and practical if I pay attention to my stage. Am I feeling a little burden? I find that our task is one thing, relationship is another thing. We should never create any heaviness in our relationship because of the task. There should always be loveful feelings, feelings of belonging, it's one family. So internally those feelings in all our relationships will also help us to remain light. I was looking at Mother here, mataji, I wanted to ask her how many children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, but are you responsible? She said that there is no pull, there is no burden, but I still have to take care as an angel. Everyone should think that way, whether it is your karma yoga, your job, or your family. Baba is responsible, let me be double light, but when I become an instrument to do, Baba gets it done through me. Then all these things get done because it was Baba’s power. Baba’s power is invisible but it is always there with children. It is the power of Baba, then the power of the elements, everything sustains us, protects us, takes care of us, but I have to be light. If you are light you will feel it. So homework is, don’t carry any burden, Baba is responsible. Be double light and live in the world of angels!

Om Shanti


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