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The Volcanic Form Of Remembrance In a Collective Way #12

Volcanic_Yoga_12 Mohini Didi August 12, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone ok? Everyone well? You come in Avyakti parivar, I can see you, because you are well. I remember in my life one of the qualities, I didn't recognize, but also I felt maybe I don't have, is the quality of tolerance. In some way or other I had natural tolerance in the way of accepting everyone as they are different, and I like it. I allow everyone to grow in their own way, in their personality, once they follow Baba’s Shrimat. So one day I thought to look at tolerance. Dadi Prakashmani had been one of the examples of tolerance. Of course Brahma Baba was also, but you need tolerance for many things, and one tolerance is for criticism. You could be criticized for being like this or you didn't do this. Some people are able to accept that criticism in the sense of honestly, I look at myself if somebody says something. If it is right, I will change, if it is not right, then it's your sanskar, so I won't take it. Dadi Prakashmani was sitting and there were three or four of us with her and one person who had a good intellect, good speaker, started saying certain things to Dadi Prakashmani that we felt was not respectful. So we were getting a little bit, you know, excited and provocative. We thought we would ask him to stop it, but we just watched and waited. This went on for about 10 minutes and then everything was over. Then we asked Dadi, “What were your feelings at that time? How did you feel when you were told these kinds of things?” She said, “Well, it didn't affect me. I didn't even hear much because I was looking at my powers, I was checking my powers to see if they were working or not.” So, I thought that's a very good idea. Am I able to tolerate? Can I accommodate all that? Can I face what is happening? It was very good that whatever anyone is saying, let's say I'm talking of criticism, I'm looking at are my powers functioning or not? So you are not affected by the other person, and also you don't have any bad feelings for the other person.

So there are so many different kinds of tolerance. It could be physical, it could be spiritual, it could be mental tolerance. How many of us are able to tolerate when you are hungry? For me, once I am at the dining table, I want to get food. Whatever is there, sometimes fruit is there or something is there, so, I start with that. In some way this tests your patience, right? The food is being cooked or is it coming. So I kind of start observing now. Have tolerance now, is it necessary or you can also be accurate. So each one of us is kind of observing the self in what areas I have more tolerance, and in certain areas, there might be less tolerance. Some bodies like a lot of heat, some bodies want more cold. So what should we do? Keep tolerating, you are cold and then you get sick, right? You start sneezing, then you have the flu. Oh, it was so cold, but why didn't you tell anyone? We could have increased the heat. So again when you're tolerating, you're not tolerating when you are causing suffering. Like one of the things that I have to pay a lot more attention to is that whenever I leave my doctor's office,I cannot fall. After a certain age of 80 plus, most of the people like our Dadi’s everyone, even our Ramesh bhai was doing so well, but then he fell and had hip surgery. After that, he couldn't recover very much. So that means you have to be very careful, you have to have a lot of patience, you have to be slow. People are saying especially for us, it's like you have to rush, we have to reach there, we have to rush class time, we have to rush, and I say, “No, I'm not going to rush.” I'm not doing it for myself, but if an older person fell and something happened, how many people get involved to take care? It's a lot of work, and everyone is so busy, so they shouldn't be given more work. So, take responsibility and be careful. Tolerate whatever pressure is there, but you have to be also very careful. As I said, if you keep tolerating the cold and then get sick, that's not sensible. So that is why in one of the Murlis Baba said to keep your soul and body both healthy.

I've said sometimes that in childhood we knew there are organs like gallbladder, kidney, and liver. Many of us have read medical biology, and we know everything, but knowing is different. Then you keep hearing this is not good for the liver, this is not good for the heart. By that time, maybe you have damaged some of these organs. So having different kinds of tolerance is a very big subject. Somewhere there is the right percentage of tolerance. Baba said that there will be contentment and satisfaction. Somewhere deeply you will accept whatever was my ignorance, wrong habits, whatever it is, and wherever anyone is in any form of the body, but there is still contentment. So the level of tolerance and contentment has to be measured in a proper way. Maturity is constantly contemplating on knowledge, manan shakti. So, we have to connect and see how useful it is to have the power of tolerance, because you are going deeper, you're going within, and you have this ability to keep your mind intellect occupied on churning, and contemplating knowledge.

So our homework for tomorrow is that Baba wants us to be the image of the flame. The volcanic form of remembrance in a collective way, sitting together collectively, and having one thought. Only volcanic remembrance will make the atmosphere powerful so that weak souls will be filled with power. There are many souls who have difficulties in yoga, like they just sleep or they're not having power, so volcanic yoga will help. All obstacles will easily finish and the fire for the destruction of the old world will ignite. So first we do for the self, then we do for the gathering, and then also it works in the world. It's very difficult to express exactly how I know that whatever practice I do, that power has helped the world, and will help the family in some way or other. We know it definitely does. It does work. So we have to do our homework, have one thought collectively to create an atmosphere where weak souls can get power.

Om Shanti


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