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The virtue of tolerance #21

Give Blessings_Receive_Blessings_21 Mohini_Didi November 21,2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone, okay? Whatever the scenes of the Drama, we are okay with them. The topic is also to tolerate, don’t get impatient, don’t give up, keep trying. So, the quality and power of tolerance, to remain stable, not body conscious or then you are not stable. In Body consciousness, there is no tolerance, that means you fluctuate. Sometimes you feel loved, sometimes you don't. Sometimes you feel you have a good feeling of self respect, and you don’t really mind anything. Today you feel respected and tomorrow you feel humiliated because of something. So, this stage of up and down doesn’t allow the soul to accumulate power. If we have the power of tolerance, it’s like different kinds of feelings of wanted or not wanted, respected or not respected, but you feel very stable. Baba is saying that when you are not able to tolerate you still should keep giving blessings. Let’s say somebody gets upset, you keep giving the blessings so that tolerance of the other person will increase. Your power of tolerance will also increase. So, it is very interesting to work on this. Baba says from Amritvela until night, have the aim of giving and receiving blessings, whether or not you do anything else. You must give and receive blessings. Even when others cause you sorrow, you still have to give them blessings. By doing this, you will easily imbibe the virtue of tolerance. So again to underline that tolerance is a virtue but also a power. It is just like when the body is healthy, then you have tolerance, if there are cold waves or heat waves, it doesn’t bother the body. It is the same when the soul is powerful, the soul has the virtue of tolerance, then whatever is the situation whether it is respect or praise, the soul will not feel it. So keep increasing the power of tolerance.

Om Shanti

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