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The treasures of happiness #22

Embodiment_of_Success_22 Mohini _Didi October 22, 2023

Om Shanti!

Everyone is okay? We’re having a very good time in Shantivan. Yes, it’s the time for extreme situations, but also time to pay a lot of attention not to waste anything, and to use every treasure we have in a worthwhile way. We can’t be stressed, just stay very sweet, calm, be a detached observer, and most of all, maintain your happiness. One of the figures who is coming in front of me is Dadi Nirmalshanta. She was always light and easy, she would laugh, she would smile, she would show happiness in every situation. So, I think we also have to maintain happiness because it will help souls to blossom, to stay positive, to continue with zeal and enthusiasm, and many different virtues can emerge when there is happiness. You're elevated, unlimited thoughts will inspire others to do the same, and they will find it easy to do. It would not be a big thing. I have seen many places where there’s joy and happiness. Let there be a flow of joy and happiness, and many things will get easily accomplished. We get a little tension or anything else, then the energy drops and you see how people start finding faults with each other, and tasks become more difficult to do. We don’t play nicely together, and words will not be of love and enthusiasm. So, Baba is saying that what is important is to use the treasure of happiness. To maintain happiness, accumulate the treasure of happiness, be detached from the consciousness of the mind, because the mind worries, overthinks, then there are a lot of wasteful thoughts. So, be detached from the consciousness of mine and use what you have in a worthwhile way, and with an honest heart.

Whatever property you have, like your time, thoughts, health, body, mind and wealth, it will continue to accumulate. Why do people lose when they could accumulate? Losing is always when you have confusion, unhappiness, or loss of hope. There’s a kind of leak of that energy, then the power the discern doesn’t work properly. So that’s why Baba is saying to be detached from the consciousness of ‘mine’. Whatever thoughts you have or whatever actions you perform, every second of every action, let there be full of congratulations. In Hindi we say “Vadhai”. It’s such a feeling, we share their achievement, whatever they have done, we should say “congratulations”. It’s like encouragement. Baba says that whoever you meet or whoever is with you, continue to feed them “Dilkhush sweet”. I think one of the important jobs for us is to keep everyone happy. Sometimes, of course, we’re so very focused on accuracy and many qualities needed for a task, but what about the person who is performing the task, do we take care of their feelings? If I keep the person happy, it is possible to do an accurate task, and the majority of personalities are task oriented. Even that person who is doing the task is hurt, and we forget that if they’re not happy and we don’t care, how will the task be done? They will have to think of something else, right? So be careful, but also keep extending congratulations, keep feeding them with Dilkhush sweet. Baba is saying that Dilkhush sweet is of happiness. Continue to dance in your mind. In service, continue to distribute fully the treasures of happiness. This is the method to use everything in a worthwhile way. So, let’s do that the whole day and you see everyone is flying, all the tasks are done in an easy way, and it will be very beautiful.

Om Shanti


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