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The Stage of Being Raazyukt #11

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Honest _Heart_11 Mohini_Didi December 11, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Contentment in Brahmin life is when we are able to experience the stage which Baba describes, and also have intoxication or feel power. Today, Baba said that you are powerful children of a Powerful Father. All the powers are given to you as your birthright. Let’s say in lokik life, the father writes a will then everyone gets their birthright or inheritance. As a child, you are not aware of your birthright or inheritance, but as you grow older, you come to know that you have a big share in inheritance. First they want to see that you’re worthy and that you will be able to use it properly. In comparison, I also got the birthright of all the powers. Do I have intoxication or is it by using it that I will know? This is why we need the quality of obedience to Baba. When Baba gives you something to do, whether in self-progress or His task, we should try to do it. When you do it then you know, “Oh, yes, I have those powers, I didn’t realise that I have that power.” Otherwise, how do I know, what is my inheritance? Power is the ability to do, or ‘samarthi’. Samarthi means I have the ability to do something. So how do I test it, and know for sure that I have these powers? When Baba says something, we accept, our intellect agrees but in practical life, do we feel all the powers all the time? That is where the key of awareness comes. I have that power, I can do it, these powers are my inheritance, and I must use them. I need to apply them in practical ways. Baba said that intoxication is not enough. We want to feel that I got my inheritance, I got my birthright.

What do you experience when you look at Brahma Baba? Whatever happened, whether it was doing or challenges, he was doing it. Baba was using him as an instrument, there were so many challenges, but he had powers, right? So he was victorious, he was cheerful, and a source of inspiration for everyone. No one ever saw Baba concerned, or worried about the future, never. Isn’t it amazing to see an image of victory all the time? At that age to maintain courage, to maintain enthusiasm until whatever day Baba was incorporeal, he had the same energy. Sometimes he became very introverted, so the Dadis would get concerned but actually deeply within, he is connecting himself with Shiv Baba to kind of reclaim those powers. It was not any kind of worry or disappointment, and that is why there was such an impact. So, Baba’s signal towards us is practice, keep a chart, and share with Baba. Many people say, “What chart? What do I have to write? How many hours did I remember?” Actually, it is a whole day's effort. I started with how long that stayed with me, how many times during the day I could think of that? Even if we are occupied, it’s fine, a few moments we create this awareness. Baba said that when we are making efforts, we know what kind of sanskars emerge. One who is a good effort-maker immediately notices sanskars, but does not necessarily get caught up into that sanskar. I have to cultivate sanskars of love, sanskars of peace, not just follow the dictates of my mind. In the Golden Age, we are together as a family. Every evening at dinner, after dinner we will have something to do. If we won’t be occupied from morning until night, up to 2-3 o’clock, lunch and then it’s a good timetable. I always say whatever karma yoga we have to do, do it until lunchtime or clear up and then in the evening just for spiritual effort, spiritual service, spiritual progress, tapasya, yoga. The morning hours and then evening hours are meant for that and Baba said that the true closeness comes by having spiritual chit-chat.

So contemplation, then practice, then experiences, and a lot can be shared with each other. Like Brahma Baba says, “When I sit to eat, I remember Baba, and then I forget Baba. My aim is to remember Baba, keep Him, or be in His company, but I am not able to do it.” Baba used to share a lot about his efforts. “I start doing this with Baba, and then I forget Baba.” So, I think that Baba is drawing attention, we should engage ourselves a lot. Using our intellect for sharing of churning, and sharing of deeper insights of the points. Baba said that our relationships are spiritual relationships, alokik, and we have nothing really lokik to talk about. Like today, Baba said in the Murli, “Are you concerned about what's going to happen? You don’t have questions, but you have a full stop. That is, whatever is happening is good, and whatever will happen, will be good. So, I feel that good quality of effort is our contentment, and to be pleased with one’s own self. When we do good quality of efforts, we are raazi, and also, we know that everyone has a different part and different sanskars. We can use our intellect up to a certain point, keep our heart open, have good bhavna, but be a detached observer. Our intellect is not pulled towards anyone’s part, or anyone’s sanskars, but we create such an atmosphere where everyone can take full benefit.

So, every word Baba says, even in Avyakti Signals, really has a signal for us. I feel that we get to churn these points and generally we wouldn’t. What does Baba want from us? Whenever we need, we could create conversation for at least 10-15 minutes or half an hour on some of the points of knowledge. I think it’s possible, it’s practical right? That will build up a kind of relationship where we look forward. As Dadi used to say, “Oh, whenever they met, they only talked about this.” So, there was that true love, and also the bond and pull to meet. So, maybe in Avyakti Parivar, we should start doing that at home, at the center. but also let’s see how we can do it more and more. So, give news to Baba. Baba is pleased with that.

Om Shanti

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