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The Silence of Satyug # 29

Creating _Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_29 Mohini_Didi June 29, 2022

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone is okay? Yes, happy to see each one of you. Baba said that every word of Baba’s is worth multi-millions. Baba teaches us not to waste, and also how to use everything in a worthwhile way. Keep Baba as your Companion when you use all your treasures. Use the treasure of thought, treasure of time, wealth, knowledge, and they will multiply. Your treasures become more and more full. It's so beautiful. So, also in the power to discern, Baba is saying that while doing everything, consider it as if you are playing a game, and also be tireless. Yes, sometimes the body gets tired physically if we are overdoing it, but internally, sometimes we get tired also. Then we either slow down, or sometimes we kind of stop doing. Baba says to continue to play, and create the sanskars of tirelessness. One of the natural sanskars in the Golden Age will be the understanding that the soul is immortal and the body is mortal. So, when the body is mortal, it must go through a different age in one body, and a change of body, but everything will be so natural. Now we know that it's a child, then an adult, and then old age, but these days also we keep the body, or want the body to continue for a long time. In the Golden Age, it will be that naturally, at the right time, the soul leaves the body, no hospital, nothing external. They don't keep bodies on external life support like now because of attachment to the bodies. In the Golden Age, it will be very natural.

We know that Mamma's body was not well, but then in the end, she was in Madhuban, she was next to Baba, she was listening to Murli, she distributed grapes on the last day. It was so beautiful that way. Doctors would say that no other medicine can help, let the soul live as long as the body can continue. I still remember that until the last day, there were about 300 Baba's children, and Momma gave grapes. Baba said that Mamma should give, and that's why when we offer Mamma’s bhog, we always offer grapes. The green grapes that she gave were very sweet, and they were sent to all the centers. They made packets, and I remember I was in Delhi. I didn't know that Mamma would leave the body any day, because Dadi Gulzar, all the main teachers from Delhi were there. Dadi All Rounder said to me, ``Why don't you stay with us?” I said, “Okay, I will stay and offer bhog, and whatever has to be done for Mamma.” That's why I was not there, but I was there a few days before. Mamma's face was sparkling, even though her body was in a lot of pain. So, I'm just giving an example of how, in the Golden Age, you know every change, every age of life will be very healthy, very loving and living, not that the body is forced to survive or to live.

So, the awareness of what we have today, awareness of being immortal, awareness of change of the body, birth and death, all that awareness in soul consciousness will be in the Golden Age. We will have different feelings, but also, this one clan-one lifestyle is very beautiful. Even now, in the Godly family, we have this feeling of belonging, of sharing, and of closeness. Here, we are still attentive that there shouldn't be body consciousness, but in the Golden Age, we have natural soul consciousness. So, it will be a beautiful feeling of belonging to one clan, and it's so nice to see how everyone is so near to each other. Like here, we don't know our neighbors, but that won't happen in the Golden Age. Children will come out and play together, parents will be seeing each other, but not like here. I know in our area, we don't know anyone, and people will say ‘good morning’ or ‘hello’, but in the Golden Age, it's like Dadi Prakashmani, she used to sit in the courtyard and say ‘good morning’ to everyone. Anyone who passed, Dadi would say ‘good morning’. This closeness in relationship and belonging, I think will be very natural in the Golden Age. I also like the “Silence of Golden Age”, because we will not have much to talk about, our dictionary will be very small, all the music of birds and air and leaves and water will be naturally soothing to life, soothing to the body.

Here we still have something to talk about, and it's also kind of passing time, because you can't be just quiet. So, we talk about different things, and create joy in a different way through conversations. In the Golden Age, people will talk, but they won’t sit and chat for a long time. Brahma Baba, at 5:00 in the afternoon, used to come out of the room and into that little room. Now it's closed where we take off our shoes, but then it was open, under the very beautiful sky. So, there would be a cot, and Baba would sit, sometimes lie down because of his age you know, he wouldn't sit very long. We just look at Brahma Baba’s life, how naturally he lived, and he naturally left in a very beautiful way. All the time Baba kept looking at the picture of Shri Krishna and saying, “Tomorrow, I will be like this.” If we looked at Baba's face, it was not old, the smile, the sparkle, and the expression was like a little child, a beautiful divine child, like Shri Krishna. So, we have a living example, we have to follow, and not follow just as knowledge, but also in our lifestyle, in our actions, and let’s be the companions of Baba.

Om Shanti

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