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The Signs of A Master #22

Construct_the_New_World_22 Mohini Didi July 22, 2023

Om Shanti!

Is everyone okay? Well? It feels like all Avyakti parivar is present in London, because everyone knows as you must have also seen the video of inauguration. So, some of us are here and we are all together as the whole Avyakti parivar. So, it is so interesting that Baba has different points that when you are an instrument, humble, and constructive, your feeling will be like you are the master. Master is like the head of the family. So, when you are the head of the family, then you always have this feeling of being constructive. If you are not part of the family, head of the family, you will let things fall, relationships also. Being head of the family, of course you are humble and constructive, and with this awareness, you come in contact with all different souls, you will be loving, and your vibrations will pull others. They will also give you love from their heart because the vibrations, the response from vibrations is the same. If I have love for everyone, then everyone will have love for me. Also, as a master, you connect with everyone, everyone belongs to you, we all belong to each other. This feeling of being together, the feeling of being one are very important feelings. So, Baba says that whether others know you or not, whether they have a distant relationship with you or not, everyone who sees you should feel they belong to you, and you belong to them. You will always have good wishes for everyone because it is important to receive good wishes.

Can you imagine the way Baba describes reality that wherever you are people will feel close to you, belong to you, feel love for you, will give blessings to you. I have to be that, I have to be loving, I have to be humble, respectful, and in our heart, I have a lot of love for everyone. Even as souls, we look at everyone, but then with the special qualities of being an instrument, humble, special qualities. Baba says that you will feel as if you are the master. It is true that if something has to be done, we just come forward and we take responsibility. Everywhere, Baba’s children in all the centers, whenever they go to serve, they immediately feel that they are the masters, that means they are responsible, they have love, so they must do it. We just immediately, and with enthusiasm, participate in anything. Like in India now they have floods, and so many centers are cooking a lot of food and in a truck and bringing it to areas where food cannot reach. They go in those different areas and serve, and they are so happy. Everyone wants to do it with money to buy food, some are helping to cook the food, some are helping to serve the food. So, these are actually the qualities of the master. A few days ago, Baba used the word “server”. So server and master means that we jump quickly into serving, participating in different tasks of service. All of that is done because of love. So we keep those qualities, that personality and the feelings of being masters.

Om Shanti


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