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The Seed of Good Wishes and Pure Feelings #20

Construct_the_New_World_20 Mohini Didi July 20, 2023

Om Shanti!

Happy Satguruvaar to everyone! Everyone is well? So, are we ready to give a gift to Baba for His birthday? Why does one get upset? Sometimes we say that my stomach is upset. Why? We have eaten something that doesn’t suit the system and then the stomach gets upset. Some, they immediately control it, have something, lemon water or something. Others don’t and then they throw up. So, one is to get upset and then in that stage to keep saying things. It doesn’t make sense and creates low self-esteem because you are saying it, and no one is interested to hear it or respect it. So, ultimately you find your self-respect has reduced. There are many kinds of consequences of being upset. Clarity of intellect is lost. You are reacting, and reaction is never the end of the story. It’s only when you are quiet, in silence, with love, and you accept, then not only is it the end of the story, but our interactions become very sweet and lovely. As soon as we are upset, we lose many qualities, and it takes time to begin everything. So, have determination. There are a lot of little things that keep happening, but could be a misunderstanding, lack of faith, whatever, but they are temporary, because external situations, behavior of others, it’s Drama. Everyone has a different part to play. Why should I get upset? Why should I lose my remembrance of Baba? After getting upset, when you remember Baba, it's not the same. So, pay more attention, not to react. Some people listen to something, and even before it finishes, they start. The way they understand is completely not right. Patience is not there, trust is lost, we lose a lot. So, all of us have a determined thought to stay calm, cool, and humble. Some have this thing, “Oh, because I don’t respond, because I don’t say anything, that’s why it’s happening to me.” Then they get into an ordinary type of reaction. Many things might not be right, but why do we keep reminding ourselves? Internally, it keeps reducing your self-respect. Whatever people think of me, if I am changing, if I am becoming elevated, that will also be noticed. So we have to analyze and see, whenever you are upset a little bit, you will see what you are losing, you never gain anything from being upset.

So, our homework for tomorrow is good wishes, pure feelings for everyone. That is very much connected with the power of awareness, otherwise they are not working. Okay, I have good wishes, I always keep good wishes, but we also have the awareness of being an instrument, humble. We have to be constructive and create something new. When that is our awareness, our stage, we have good wishes for others. It has power. So, experiment with that tomorrow, connect the awareness with good wishes and pure feelings. To consider oneself as an instrument and remain humble is the seed of good wishes and pure feelings. As I said before, Baba wants us to do it through the intellect. We feel good, but there is no power. When you are connecting with awareness, you will see the difference. So, instead of expecting limited respect, remain humble. Some people try to prove, and they could be stubborn. Stubbornness indicates bad manners, whereas humility indicates good manners. To be humble in your interactions with everyone indicates you being good mannered, and also truthful. Even if you read many Vedas and Upanishads and many holy books, you won’t get these teachings. Day to day behavior, day to day attitude, connection of our action and awareness is very deep, very subtle. It's only our Father, our Teacher and Satguru who has adopted us. So then He has to reform us. So, He goes into very subtle minor details of our personality, and we all have to understand that. Respect for Baba is practice and becoming that, but if it’s the same, same manner, same nature, Baba also observes us. As Father, He looks at us, as Teacher, He looks at us, as Satguru, He looks at us. The more Baba can look at our transformation and becoming, we will get a lot of power, the company of Baba, the protection of Baba, so many different things. So, Baba is observing us, watching us and becoming what is according to good efforts.

Om Shanti


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