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The power to rule #19

Updated: Apr 1

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_19             Mohini_Didi            March 19, 2024

Om Shanti!

We are children of Almighty Baba. We are children of One who is the Master, the Creator of the whole world. He has many qualities, all the qualities, and in many forms God is also shown as a King. Like one of the forms of God is shown as Lord Krishna. He is called Lord because He was a prince. Even though they don't show Him ruling, He has ruling capacity. We begin at the Confluence Age. There is power to rule, but before that, there is power to control. If I do not have control of my thoughts, my words, and my actions, then I cannot rule. Ruling is more giving directions. If you tell your eyes to see no evil but still, if the eyes go towards something that is not pleasant or good, that means there is no power to rule, there is no power to control. So our Father God is also considered to be a King, the Creator. So Baba’s children are also princes and princesses. They have not only control, but people do respect them, will listen to them, consult them, and take advice. So they have power to rule, following Baba’s footsteps. 

So all of us actually have that personality, the personality of ruling. It begins from the personality of purity, the personality of love. So when we have these qualities, we become bestowers and rulers.

So our homework is that you have knowledge of sorrow  and of being without sorrow at this time. While having this knowledge, you always stay in that stage, and that is why you are called emperors of the land without sorrow. Baba says that you may be beggars, but while being beggars, you are emperors of the land without sorrow. The emperors or kings automatically have the power of ruling a kingdom. Each one of you think about yourself. Do you think you are reclaiming your kingdom? You had it, you lost it, and now again you are taking inheritance from Baba. Everyone's aim is to become kings and queens. I think everyone believes it, but some are able to claim it and some are not. Baba says that every child of Baba later in the cycle, in some kingdom or other, will be part of the kingdom. Any kings and queens, their personality is very royal. Their culture, their family, their language, everything is very royal. So Baba wants us to have this personality and power of ruling. When you have power of ruling you are in a way, a natural king, a prince or princess. So have this intoxication of being a prince or princess. 

Om Shanti

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