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The Power of Silence #25

Embodiment_of_Solutions_25 Mohini_Didi Sept 25th,2023

Om Shanti everyone!

Is it becoming too much homework, every day something different, something new? Anyway, nothing is new, because it's connecting from one point to another. All are needed, all are necessary. I am enjoying looking into deeper aspects. There is a saying that one of the eternal laws of the world is change, nothing can remain the same. If you do get something new and you think it will remain new after six months, then you take it out and it almost looks old. Everything changes, transforms.

Today Baba is connecting with the power of silence for the power of transformation. Here the transformation, of course, is from negative to positive, but I was thinking it's more reforming, to reform yourself. If there is any habit, that is why Baba is using it for transformation, power of silence. Starting from our mind, how often, how quickly do waste thoughts start coming? If you are attentive the whole day, you might not get it or even if you get once or twice you will change them to positive. Sometimes in a very deep intellect there could be restlessness, it could be concerned, it could be worry. Something to think about the future, going deep into silence and a lot of trust, assurance and security will emerge. You will get a very positive response from your own intellect. It's good to think, it's good to plan, but not get absorbed in that. Same as speak, yes when necessary as much necessary. It's good communication through words, but it shouldn't be that you can't stop talking. Some people can talk nonstop, but we know that all that uses energy . Do I need to accumulate? Use, but not waste. Every sense organ, whether it is listening, it's speaking, in walking you walk whenever you want, but if you walk 3-4 hours what would happen? Everything has a limit and should have a limit.

Yesterday I noticed that it is so much of our habit now, to go into a few minutes of silence because that is where you are a detached observer. Realization comes only when I'm in silence and then through silence, realization, one is able to transform. Baba is saying the power of silence. Use the power of transformation with the power of silence. It's not that someone is forcing you to change. It's your own inner silence that transforms the negative into positive. No matter how many types of problems come in the form of Maya with the power of transformation and with the power of silence, change problems into a form of solution. Change excuses into solutions. You children have received the power of transformation as an inheritance from the Father. Old age is transforming from iron age to golden age. That’s the knowledge Baba gave us. Baba gives us this knowledge for self transformation. That is how we know the transformation, otherwise a lot of people say they have waste thoughts, why? It's not under my control they come. Very few know that they can change their thoughts. When Baba comes, He teaches us. OK

Om Shanti!

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