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The Parents of the Future Dynasty # 27

Creating_Heaven_Inside_Ourselves_27 Mohini Didi. June 27, 2022

Om Shanti everyone!

Our parents uplift us so much. We used to say in path of worshipping, we are dust of your feet and we are slaves. The first day, as soon as we met Baba, Baba said: I am your parents. How can a child be a slave or subservient to anyone? As a child you are master, claim your self-sovereignty at the confluence age. When you are self sovereign then in the golden age you become rulers with two crowns - holiness and highness, both.

One thing which really impressed me when I came to the center for the first time was Brahma Baba's personality of royalty. Whatever he did, whether he was meeting us, eating food, having conversation, he was very royal, sweet, respectful and I could feel the generosity of his heart. I could just feel that he wants each one of us to claim our self-sovereignty. Our Supreme Parents, Shiv Baba and Brahma Baba become parents and then Baba and Mama also become our parents. I used to see the contrast between people in lokik who have lots of wealth, they have money and status but there is no contentment and they quarrel for everything, conflict for no reason and it doesn't look like they're royal, but looks like they are poor. Looking at Baba, Mama and also Dadis, they look so divine, so royal, not less than any rulers or king and queen. I think we all are also Baba's family. We find everyone is royal in their own way, completely free from desires and there is no competition, nothing in the heart, just love for Baba, love for the family but also contentment. At the confluence age we have all attainments from Baba, not only that, but from day one Baba said you have to serve the whole world. Everyone in the world is just one family. That is why from the very beginning when we went to meet Brahma Baba, they will always give you a sweet and a little gift, always. These days we give blessing cards but those days Baba will give a little gift to everyone. That time it was a pen and a spiritual diary in which there were slogans written, because Baba wanted us to study properly. The way we studied we used to sit on the floor. Now when we have 15,000-20,000 you see how they sit in the rows and it looks like an ocean of swans, very beautiful. Every Baba’s child has this royalty.

One of the saints said recently: if Brahma Kumaris were there for 200 years, we wouldn't need any courts, police, security or anything. They saw that with 25,000, we had volunteers to help people, but there was no fear and there were no announcements of any kind in the sense of being disciplined. Everyone came quietly, sat and formed proper lines. These are sanskars of the clan of the deity kingdom.

I think you all must be internally experiencing yourself as a royal, belonging to the deity kingdom because not only is there inner contentment, not only do you want to share with others and be bestowers, but always have elevated, auspicious thoughts, words,and actions. True reality and royalty begins with our thoughts, no anger. A lot of respect, no competition, always saying, “OK, you first”. That trust we have with each other. Everything is done in a royal way. We offer bhog to Baba, very beautifully in the royal way and then when we eat Brahma bhojan that also has its own royalty. Everything which is done with not only simple royalty, but also divine royalty. The first duty of the king is to protect the kingdom and provide everyone everything and that's what we see in Madhuban. In the Yagya everyone is given everything, their clothing, commendation, transport, everything. From early morning until late night, the whole routine is very much of dignity and royalty. In the morning everyone takes a shower, comes with fresh clothes, which is not very common. We start our day with meditation, listening to Murli, it's a discipline. Every kingdom should have some principles, some disciplines and that's what we actually see in our day-to-day lives.

Many people ask why Brahma Kumaris have to give so much. We receive from God, so we share with everyone. Love we receive, knowledge we receive, peace we are receiving and then whatever is brought to Baba’s Yagya with love and respect is shared with everyone. There was a time I remember, there was rationing in India so there was only a little sugar for everyone. Still they will make toli for everyone. That's called a charitable heart. Whatever you have, with a generous heart you say, “I will still share, distribute, give to others. These are actually very good sanskars of rulers and it's not desire, but worthiness, then there is purity. The soul becomes worthy and claims an inheritance from God.

Om Shanti!

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