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The paper of One Second #27

Become_an_Avyakt_Angel_27 Mohini Didi April 27, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

One of the blessings Avyakti Parivar has is that they are consistent and they keep well. I had been offering Bhog every Thursday for three and a half years, and I am happy about it now, because I think we started when it was COVID and people were alone, many were sick. Nobody was coming to the centers, so to keep everyone in that good spirit, we did a lot of music, a lot of dancing, and a lot of everything. There is a good interest all over the world, we don’t know where to stop. So, wherever I am, even if I am in India, I do it at five in the morning. I join for half an hour and then others do it. So, congratulations to the team also, they do everything regularly. Last Sunday’s Murli was about love. It was really amazing how much love Baba has for us. Then Baba was talking about power. So, then we start using Avyakti signals every day in English and Hindi, from Madhuban. When we were leaving for India, we thought about what we can do. I had this feeling to listen to Murlis from 1969, because we had a long wait. So, we read that in February. Now we are reading Murlis from 1970. In the morning, you reflect on what it means, churning, and during the day maintain that awareness. It really helps a lot. Then, when creating a stage or facing a situation, use the points.

How many of you think you are moving towards becoming complete and perfect? You are not showing any expression. So, as you go into higher studies, there are tests. Tests are a little difficult, but those tests are not out of what you have studied. Many times, Baba talks about IAS. It used to be ICS, Indian Civil Services. Now it is the Indian Administrative Service, IAS. You can only take that exam until the age of 26. I have seen with my eyes because we were living together. So, a big obstacle comes, or a big test comes, but it is not out of the course.That means if you are studying the Murli properly, you will not be tired. Once when I came in knowledge, I asked Baba, “We come here for peace, but there is so much at home, there is difficulty, but we come outside. Brahmakumaris is difficult. Why? They didn't come for all that.” Baba said very smilingly, “Just to give you experience.” Since then, when anything happens, I just say “Let's see what I am experiencing here.What I am learning here?” So, your test, your challenge, and obstacle, is within your course. That means Baba has already explained to you what should be your stage when this happens, what should be your practice. The test is not only if I read Murli every day or I listen to Murli every day. Actually, it is about whether you study Murli, and did you practice the points? So, if you have done that, and if you are doing that now, and you continue to do ‘past is past’, you will never fail in the exam, nor will you ever have a question like, “Why is this obstacle coming to me?”

Raju Bhai is a good example. He will never look for name and fame, but today those who come to gyan later, the first thing they want to know is “Am I known, and why am I not praised, why I am not mentioned, why I am not acknowledged?” So, it's completely different. As you know I am part of India now, and I couldn't believe how things have changed. I don't question because Baba said that if you have a question like, “Why is this happening? I can't believe this could happen. This is our yagya, how can this happen?” We don’t question. We avoid queues. Not only that, but then you go into the Moon Dynasty. That means you have no chance to go into the Sun Dynasty or Golden Age. That means not even a single thought should come like, “Why, why is this happening to me?” I have been in the yagya for 63 years, but I have never asked for anything because everything is there. Baba's love is there, family’s love is there, a lot of bhavna is there. Many things could surprise us, but I always remember Baba. It's Baba’s Yagya. Finally, the Yagya has to be very successful, and accomplish properly. Obstacles will come, but you still have to become complete and never have this thought of why it is happening. Sometimes with certain things, we need to take action.

Yesterday’s Avyakti Parivar was about ‘don't hold it, erase it, past is past.’ These Avyakti signals are very powerful. So, tomorrow the test will come. Have you planned for the test? Anyway, let's see. I think everything will be okay, and everything is okay. Have the attitude that the more papers I will pass, the higher the promotion. If you don't pass tests, you will stay in the same class. It's only when you pass, you go to another class, more promotion. So, if you want more promotion, take more tests. Dadi Gulzar used to tell us that circumstances cannot be bigger than you. No problem is bigger than you. For you, as a human being, you are the master, and whatever happens is the opportunity to serve. Whenever Dadi Gulzar used to bring messages we would say to Baba that this is happening, and ask what to do. Baba would say to go and serve them. It's a chance to serve. Otherwise, we wouldn't think of serving them. So, everyone think that way so that we continue on our journey, becoming an angel from a Brahmin.

Om Shanti

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