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The mother of peace and happiness is purity #26

Become_a_Carefree_Emperor_26               Mohini_Didi                March 26, 2024

Om Shanti!

Whenever we sing the praise of God, unless we experience that, how can we believe? So, when we say God is Love, God is Truth, we did experience all that from Brahma Baba but then also, from that first mouth born creation of the Dadis, there was unlimited love, altruistic love, just love, no expectations. Someone asked this question, “We say that God has no expectation, but He has. One of the expectations is that He wants us to be carefree emperors.” That is a genuine desire of all the parents to see their children reach the highest. That’s Baba’s expectation of the Dadis. Today whenever Jayanti bhen and I think of Dadi, she always wanted, at least she said to me so many times, to stay longer in the Yagya. Now when I have to play this part, I just think of Dadi. She wanted us to contribute or be an example for the whole Yagya, for all the instruments. So, I can always see Dadi as the master ocean of love, master bestower, and she also had unlimited care and compassion. She even gave whatever she had, even materially. Once I remember it was very cold in Gyan Sarovar and we didn’t bring gloves or heavy shawls. So Dadi told Hansa bhen to open this big closet, and she started taking out shawls and gloves. She said, “Take this, take it.” She always did that. It’s not compassion only as spiritual love, but it is also compassion in the same way you protect your body and you help keep others' bodies warm and healthy. We can talk unlimited about Dadi. Just imagine for years and years we got sustenance from her. Of course I can imagine sisters like Manda and Jayanti bhen, many of them who lived with Dadi. I never lived with her, but I did play my role with Dadi in London. When we were together, we started traveling in the Caribbean and then to South America, because she loved to travel, going to unknown destinations.

One time there was an earthquake in Mexico. We were in Miami. “Let’s go”,she said. I said, “We need to get a visa.” She said, “No,no, they won’t stop us.” I am a logical person. Dadi said, “No no, we will go.” We went to the airport and they said, "But where is your visa?” We went to the embassy and got our visas, but we couldn’t inform them that we were coming because of the earthquake.  All the lines were not working, and so there was no telephone to inform those people in Mexico to receive us. So still Dadi said, “We will go.” Now how can you say ‘no’ to her? So we said ‘okay’. We booked the flight and we left. Then Vodi bhen and someone trying to inform them to receive Dadi and myself. Somehow or the other they got the information. Dadi had such compassion, I want to see people in the world, suffering, how much damage is there. Let me see how many people are going through this? It was quite a big earthquake. So what I am saying is that visiting the hospital was her normal duty. One time, one of her very close friends and relative, an older person, was sick in New Jersey, and in the evening, going from New York to New Jersey takes a very long time. I said, “Dadi, it could take 2 hours.” She said, “If we are anywhere we will sit and talk, right? We will do our business. We will do it in the car.” That made a lot of sense to me, and after that, I don’t mind long trips. I say, anyway we will do our business in the car. So everything she did or said was something very wise and sensible, which I now still say. 

So, today we all will be emotional from time to time, but that’s fine because our love, even if it’s attachment, it’s for our spiritual growth, which is for our travel to the final destination. So it is our love for Dadi. BapDada, Baba gave a signal for homework for today, that the mother of peace and happiness is purity. We could see that purity in Dadi. Whether it is silence, whether it is love, all that is because of purity. Just as children automatically run to their mother, no matter how much you try to separate them, they will definitely run to their mother. So the mother of peace and happiness is purity. Where there is purity; joy, happiness and peace will automatically come there. This Brahmin family is without sorrow, and we have to make it. Some of the karmic accounts have to be settled, emotionally, sometimes physically, and socially also, but you have to become the emperor of the world of happiness, of the land without sorrow. It took me a long time to find out what are the lands free from sorrow. Then Baba said that there are three; the Confluence Age, the Incorporeal world, and the Golden Age. All three are lands free from sorrow. The crown of light is a symbol of purity, and you are seated on BapDada’s heart throne. So always wear your crown, be seated on the throne, and wear your tilak. We take this for today. Dadi would like to see us as the emperors, free from the land of sorrow. So we will sit in Baba’s heart throne and we have our tilak. This is the direction for today, the homework for today. We will definitely do that  and again enjoy the love of God and the compassion of Dadi.

Om Shanti

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