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The mantra of manmanabhav #10

Embodiment_of_Success_10 Mohini_Didi October 10, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Everyone okay, everyone well and connected with Shantivan, that’s where I am. Everyday, Baba’s children are arriving in the thousands because it is Baba’s first turn when Baba is coming to meet His children. It is always in October. So different states, some come to meet, and some come as sevadharis. It is worthwhile, must be a good experience. They have 1000 for security, 1000 for helping in the hall, 1000 for serving food, cooking food. So this way, those who have come in that party can also have a good time for classes, for tapasya, and to meet Baba. So their intellect is not pulled in karma yoga.

So, Baba is talking about the mantra of Manmanabhav. This is the mantra that is not really chanted but where you internally connect your mind with Baba. Baba says, it doesn’t say tanmanabhav or dhanmanabhav, no, it is Manmanabhav. So it is very interesting. Today, Baba reminded us of being the master, child so master. Master as self-sovereign, master of all Baba’s treasures. Baba is saying if we have intoxication all the time about being a master in different ways. He is not asking about the awareness of being a child, so that means there must be some different qualities which arise when my mind is with Baba. I have been thinking about how many aspects in life influence our mind and our power to discern. So that is why as much as we practice, we create our stage, and that has influence on our power to discern. The power to discern is important the whole day, all the time. So, Baba is saying that the mantra of Manmanabhav is in the memorial, that when a sacrifice is done in a worthwhile way when the mantra is chanted. Here also, we always keep the mantra of Manmanabhav in our awareness. Baba says that then the sacrifice is considered to be worthwhile. That means internally whenever you feel whatever is the weakness, you can say, “Let me sacrifice it.” Baba is saying to be someone who is stable in the form of the mantra, not just the one who speaks mantra. They speak loudly, and that's called chanting, but Baba is saying that it’s not only that you chant, but you stabilize. When any sacrificial fire is created, it becomes successful when the complete sacrifice is done. So, complete sacrifice is offered into that yagya. If there is even a little something missing in the sacrifice, it will not be considered to be complete or completely successful. So whatever you want to offer as a sacrifice, make it complete, and then Baba says to receive that fully also.

So Baba’s yagya is different. It’s not a yagya of wood fire. Baba says that it’s a yagya that Baba creates of purity, knowledge, and both are important. To maintain the yagya, to maintain the atmosphere, the priest of the yagya constantly keeps chanting the mantras. It is so interesting. This mantra is not being chanted, but it is something which is internal, where we have to be stable in remembrance of Baba, Manmanabhav, ‘stabilize your mind, focus your mind on Me’. So we also have to see, we remember Baba and we sacrifice. We have elevated thoughts also, like what we want to do for Baba, with determination. Also, whatever our weaknesses are, that become obstacles in the yagya, we have to sacrifice them also. Very interesting concept where we have to continue with both. Remembering Baba and also keep sacrificing. Both have to continue together.

Om Shanti

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