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The Lesson of "HA JI" #21

Construct_the_New_World_21 Mohini Didi July 21, 2023

Om Shanti!

You all must have heard that there is an inauguration of the Oxford Retreat Center in London. It has been being renovated for five years and now they are inaugurating it. I was asked if I could come for the inauguration and I immediately said yes. I just accepted and said yes. I always look at Baba and I say, “Baba if you have to make it happen, you will take me and you will bring me back” and trust Sister Bhumi. There are so many situations which I can say that by saying yes, they become like your specialties. They become like your blessings also.

Obedience is not to be subservient. Obedience is respect. It is through saying “ha ji” you claim a lot of blessings. You win the hearts of people. I have been saying my effort will be to travel, but the blessing of thousands of the souls I will be able to accumulate because everyone definitely will be amazed. The trip is long, but the stay is very short. I just felt that the family was there. Dadi Janki’s lesson of don’t miss anything which she always used to say, I never miss anything. We shouldn’t think that it is under pressure I decided, no, it’s out of love and also feeling the presence of ancestors. They can’t be there physically and I can still manage. Why don’t I go there? This nature should be our aim, if you are asked to do something, you should say yes. You will learn that it will become your specialty.

So many things Dadi Janki would tell me which I had never done and she would say, “but you can do it” so I will say, “okay if you are saying, I am doing it, but I don’t know about this, I have never done it”. There will be some who would tell you that you are blindly following. You are not even using your intellect to discern. You are just doing what you are told to do and make you feel as if this is like a defeat, but actually it’s a victory. Have determination because the cooperation at that moment and the task that has to be accomplished gets accomplished by saying “ha ji”. I remember one time there was a big conference in Om Shanti Bhavan and Dadi called me at 8:50 in the morning. She said you have to give a talk at 9 o’clock because so and so is not well or is not giving the lecture. In 10 minutes I have to be on the stage. I looked at Dadi and said, “Okay, I will do, I will go.” I went and of course they took enough time to introduce me, to give the badges, to give the flowers, so I just became introverted, went to Baba and asked Baba what I should say. I gave the lecture, everything was over and then one of the senior brothers came to me and said you were not prepared, but this was one of the best talks I have heard. It’s like congratulations, good wishes, a lot of blessings.

Generally, you won’t say yes, but in saying yes you don’t lose anything. What you need is self-trust and faith. Don’t create thoughts of doubts of will I be able to do it or not, did I do the right thing by saying yes or not. Sometimes there might be some difficulties, but that’s okay, that’s learning at every step. There could be some difficulty, but we shouldn’t create doubts in our mind. Continue with faith. Have faith in Baba, drama, our all seniors and in the end also on your own, self faith. Trust is a big, big strength. I always find sometimes it’s like we have to invoke these powers we have to invoke trustee. We have to invoke courage, we have to invoke whatever power is required. Some may say that you would have powers anyway. Even if you have power you have to invoke that power so that it becomes active and the energy of that virtue, the power of that virtue, helps you and you become very successful. I would suggest we should agree and do the homework. Think about it, that I have to say “yes please” in Hindi we call it “ha ji”. Even with parents, a child who always says “ha ji'' or even among brother sisters if they say “ha ji”, your heart really melts. You say this one, when I ask something, no matter what she is doing, she will definitely do it. Then that trust in relationships, love amongst each other keeps growing. I think that we all collectively should have this determined thought that we will say “ha ji”, become co-operative and let’s together do God’s task.

Om Shanti.

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