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The image of fortune # 20

Liberation_in_Life_20                     Mohini_Didi                  December 20, 2023

Om Shanti Everyone!

Happy, okay, well? It’s so lovely to see the whole family here. Is it because of the fortune I am happy, or because I’m happy, I am fortunate? Like we used to play a song, Baba’s Murli song, “I have come with my awakened fortune”. So, did I come with an awakened fortune, or is it because I came that my fortune has awakened? It’s both. I am fortunate to come to Baba, but after coming to Baba, I have to accumulate more fortune. It is the same with happiness. Some people are sensitive, so they sulk very quickly. Any little thing happens, like in a lokik family too, some children always have a sulking nature. Even if you give them everything, they won’t accept it, but if they don’t get it then also they don’t feel good. So all of us have to observe in a very subtle way that my nature remains joyful, happy, and feeling full. Then when you have this nature, whatever you do, you are creating the fortune of joy. So internally, our nature should be joyful, and then of course as Baba is saying, that practice is to go in the depth of the ocean. Just go as far as you can go, in the sense of let’s say, you have half an hour in the morning or amritvela, take Baba’s quality of purity and keep taking those vibrations of purity. Not only you feel pure, you experience Baba as Purifier, and you kind of merge in that and you start feeling inside you, my impurities are being removed. Baba is removing all the impurities. 

So solitude is going in depth of One - ‘Ekant’. ‘Ek’ is one, ‘ant’ is the end. That means the bottom, the depth. So when you are joyful and happy, very positive things emerge in the mind. Always you are like, “Yes, this is going to happen, everything will be okay.” We’re okay, and if you are not joyful, you’re very negative. “I don’t think it will work.” We keep crossing the line on our own fortune. So, if I’m joyful, I’m always very positive, very hopeful. It's like all the answers and thoughts that come, are very very much full of love, full of hope, full of determination, everything comes from there. So why is it so important to maintain this awareness of your own fortune of joy? Of course Baba said that there’s intoxication, but also practically you see that when you are happy, everything will work; it’s okay, we can do it, we’ll manage. These kinds of thoughts come, and when you are not happy, nothing will happen. You yourself are kind of disappointed with your own self and others. We have to be careful, because we have to create fortune. So how is fortune created? When it’s plus in the actions. It’s so deeply like plus and minus, you don’t know sometimes. So how much do we have to pay attention to accumulate? It’s for life, no? Our Dadi Janki used to say, “When the year begins, in January, I will know how much Baba will give me, how many years.” People used to try to fix her travel. She said, “I will tell you in January, then Baba will tell me how many more years.” Do I have this year or not? So she always looked at Baba for the extension of life. 

Those who have a happy nature, when they went to Brahma Baba, he used to feel happy and not only that, he would keep calling them again and again. There are some, they always have something to complain about, something to grumble about. They needed to get an appointment, and it was not easy. So even God, God likes what? I always say, since childhood, go in front of God with so much contentment, happiness, and let Him bless you, you will always remain happy. Now that’s fortune, never go with sorrow, sad face, never. You will find out how many blessings you receive! So it’s like, is it my fortune to be happy, or if I am happy, I can create fortune? Some souls, I ask them, “Why are you not happy?” ‘yeh hamare bhagya mai nahi hai - it’s not in my fortune’. If you remain happy, it will be your fortune. So, some blame fortune for their happiness, but we should never make fortune unhappy with us, let even fortune feel happy. You know these are very subtle aspects. Should I claim it or cancel it? Should I claim my fortune or cancel my fortune? One can cancel, like keep saying ‘I don’t think, I am enough fortunate for this’. Will you have first prize? I don’t think it's in my fortune. Yes, it’s in my fortune, I will claim it. You have energy, you’re happy, but I would say, be happy and let energy come through happiness, understand? Oh, today I don’t have energy, but at least be happy, so that revival of energy will happen. It will come back. Okay, so these are little subtle subtle points. Let’s claim our fortune of joy!

Om Shanti 

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