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The gift of sweetness #10

Sweetness_and_Love_10  Mohini_Didi          February 10, 2024

Om Shanti!

Baba’s very, very sweet children. Baba is the sweetest, and we are also sweet. Children of the sweet Father are also sweet. What is the understanding of sweetness? A sweet person is a kind person, a gentle person, and very loving. So, Baba said that when there is sweetness, there will be all other virtues automatically. If there is an aim to maintain sweetness, sweetness is the gift, right? So how to keep that gift maintained? I remember that in some places I will say, “Oh this is not the place you could smile.” So really, you shouldn't be smiling. So, the same is for sweetness, most of the people will tell you, it won’t work, you have to be strong, you have to be forceful, your words should be stronger. Even Baba says that your words are like pearls. Baba is saying that sweetness is a gift in life, so where should I maintain it? I know many of the things from when we were children, everyone says that you have to be like this. Sometimes it is good to get angry in the world. If you are always sweet, people won't listen to you, they won't respect you. You will not be able to be successful. So the world is unrighteous, they hurt people through words, so gradually one starts losing the gift. Remember this gift from God, I maintain it, and this will be most respected, and will be very useful. Your words will be like pearls. 

So, the homework for tomorrow is that gift of sweetness. Always keep the gift of sweetness with you. I like the word gift because since childhood we have many, many gifts, but also look at your sweetness. Always remain sweet and make others very sweet. So when you remain stable in your soul conscious form and eat the sweet of sweetness and share it with others in the gathering, you become united. It is very interesting, like together, ten souls, 12 souls, even a larger number. So whenever there is an argument, they always try to prove that I am right, but I feel if you are right, you are right, you don’t have to prove it. So in a gathering, generally there are a lot of arguments, discussions, and differences of opinion. I remember Brahma Baba used to teach us that everyone gives their opinion, but look at Baba’s Shrimat. So Baba’s Shrimat is like molasses, what would Baba want us to do at this time? So it’s very interesting homework for tomorrow, to look at your gift of sweetness. I think we all have that, but maintain it and let it be expressed through your drishti and words. Sweet drishti and sweet words definitely keep us together in the gathering. 

Om Shanti

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